Submission #3850: McBobX's NES The Advantures in the Magic Kingdom in 10:08.56

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.1.3
Game Version unknown Frame Count 36574
ROM Filename Advantures in the Magic Kingdom (U).nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 1222
Unknown Authors McBobX
Game Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
Submitted by McBobX on 1/29/2013 1:14:08 AM

Submission Comments

NES The Advantures in the Magic Kingdom TAS in 10:08:56 by McBobX


  • Takes damage to save time
  • Aims for fastest time possible
  • Luck Manipulation(for chosing the best questions)

About the run

This is a TAS of a nice game is "Advantures in the Magic Kingdom" in 10:08:56.Here is same details: There are 5 quests for getting the Silver Key but before that I must talk with same persons for telling me how I can get the "S Key".But this persons ask me same questions about anything(like name of Mickey's dog or his brithday...)so using luck manipulation,I change the question for choosing the best one.
Now,I'll comment about the quests(stages):

Stage 1:Out Space

Here,there are 6 stars(A,B,C,D,E,F).On star"F" there is a silver key,I cannot get it exepte if Mickey navigate me what I will push from gamepad,but using frame advance,I press the chosed touch before 1 frame
Now,I've arrived to the last star and I get the S key,but there are a problem:Pnhandle Pete stole the key.Let's see what I need to do

Stage 2:Challange Panhandle on a race

Pnhandle Pete has stoled the Silver key and he won't give it back.So I'll do a challenge race with Pete,if beat him I win the key again and that what happend

Stage 3:Rescue Villagers

Pirates have ransacked the island and are holding 6 villagers captive.I must now rescue them and light a signal fire means that they're safe

Stage 4:Ghost House

999 ghost are in this house,but they're always looking for number 1000.So here I'll be careful because I'm the number 1000

Last Stage:Ride a mine car

Just watch it.Sorry no comments Now,after completing this stages,I'm goona have to open the castle and get The End.

This all comments,That's all

McBobX:Canceling for works on an improvement

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