Submission #3868: Robert_Ordis's GBC Pocket Bomberman in 06:33.22

System Game Boy Color Emulator VBA-rr v23.5 svn438
Game Version Unknown Rom Frame Count 23486
ROM Filename Pocket Bomberman (U) [C][!].gbc Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Rerecord Count 18166
Unknown Authors Robert_Ordis
Game Pocket Bomberman
Submitted by Robert_Ordis on 2/16/2013 10:21:35 AM

Submission Comments

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Visual Boy Advance re-recording v23.5 svn438
  • Aims for fastest
  • Heavy glitch abuse


Pocket Bomberman is a platform game to destroy all enemies and to go to goal door in each stage.
Bombs are not used as only weapon, but also footing.
This movie is improved version of [1535] GBC Pocket Bomberman by Robert_Ordis in 06:51.08 by optimizing each route and using some new tricks.

Ram informations

0xC40FRun count(decide x speed)
0xC420Jump meter
0xC421Y Speed(absolute value)
0xC44EX Speed(absolute value)

Run count

Run count dicides the X speed of Bomberman.
This value increases 1 per frame when Bomberman walking.
Depend on Speed level, Bomberman's X speed is changed to 2pixel/frames. Following tables shows a relation of value and X speed.
Skate levelRuncount%8

Saved frames in each stage.

This table shows saved frame in each stage from [1535] GBC Pocket Bomberman by Robert_Ordis in 06:51.08.
StageSaved frames
Forest 1204
Forest 2267
Forest 367
Forest 46
Forest 5-2
Ocean 16
Ocean 229
Ocean 331
Ocean 4106
Ocean 55
Wind 130
Wind 221
Wind 324
Wind 414
Wind 50
Cloud 142
Cloud 232
Cloud 324
Cloud 431
Cloud 50
Evil 144
Evil 2105
Evil 380
Evil 413
Evil 50

Used tricks

Wall throughing glitch

In this run, wall throughing glitch is often used except Forest 1.
Player can start this glitch from cramming into impassable tile.
Traditional cramming is caused by a border height of making bomb impassable.
If Bomberman reached to the border height whhile touching one passable bomb, the bomb is changed to impassable and it is equal that the Bomberman is in impassable tile because bottom of Bomberman's hitbox is still in the bomb.
So,Bomberman can cram into the next impassable tiles.
In impassable tile, Bomberman can move to left/right free while landing and jumping.
However, while landing and touched edge of the tile, Bomberman will be pushed out to passable tile.
While jumping, Bomberman is not pushed out until it changes its direction when touching the edge.
When Bomberman jumped while it doesn't walking, Bomberman will be pushed to 16 pixel up. It is very useful to climbing the wall.
But,it can't be pushed up when Bomberman is in the 16 blockes height of map.
And in the case that bomberman jumps while it is walking (Jumpmeter is not 0), Bomberman jumps normally until horizontal key is pushed. When jumping is complete, Bomberman will be pushed up for 1 blocks.
->New approach to cram into the impassable tile.
In this run, New approache to cram into the impassable tile was found and used.
When impassable tile exists in 1 left-down blocks from Bomberman, Bomberman can cram into the left impassable tile by just landing.
After cramming into the impassable tile, press B to jump in next frame and press right 1 frame after. If Bomberman could cram into the tile by 2 pixel/frame speed, Bomberman still in impassable tiles in the frame pressing right because next speed is 1 pixel/frame and Bomberman will pushed up.
->In the Ceiling
When Bomberman jumps in impassable tiles and reached to the ceiling (top edge of the stage), Bomberman will pushed into the ceiling.
And, in the ceiling, Bomberman can go down into 16 blocks under quickly by jumping while walking.
In horizontal stage, Bomberman goes with camera. But, in vertical stage, Camera will can not follow to Bomberman. So, when using going down from ceiling in vertical stage, RAM wathching is required for grasping position of Bomberman.

A little bit boosting X position

In this movie, a little bit boosting X position is often used.
The cause of this trick is same as traditional wall cramming.
When Bomberman jumps from passable bomb's position, the bomb is changed to impassable while Bomberman is not go away from the bomb completely. And, in the case, Bomberman can be pushed out by changing its direction while touching outside from the left/right edge.

Frame rule

There is a framerule for destroying normal enemies.
Detection of bombfire is working by 1 of 4 frames for enemies.

Special Thanks

Vespa:for showing optimized power up route in Forest World.

Other comments

Used lua is here.
This shows Bomberman's speed, Runcount, Jumpmeter, and overview of the level.

Nach: This is one of the craziest runs I've seen in a while, and great audience response too. Accepting as improvement to existing run.

Ilari: Filling the form.

Last Edited by Ilari on 2/27/2013 11:00 AM
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