Submission #3869: Thevlackdemonn2294's PSX Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero in 28:50.60

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Sony PlayStation
PSXjin 2.0.2
Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Sub-Zero [U] SLUS-00476.bin
Submitted by Thevlackdemonn2294 on 2/18/2013 7:18:36 AM
Submission Comments
My comment about this game
The game itself is good just not as well known and may be one of the worst games in the series of MK because normally this saga games are 2D fighting but this is different from others that apparently in this introduced the 2D fighting gameplay of the previous MK in a story mode in which only can be used to subzero in this case and what is really the gameplay of this game is not as good as the classic MK. Using this game for a TAS in my opinion can be fun and can be achieved beaten the game as quickly as possible through the use of glitches and shortcuts to some of the game's levels.
Emulator used PSXjin v2.0.2 svn0
Rom used Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Sub-Zero U SLUS-00476.bin
Run specifics:
  • Manipulates luck
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Uses death as a shortcut
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses hardest difficulty
Tricks and Glitches used in this run:
  • under pillars glitch: This glitch only used on the first level of the game is to move the pillars before they fall down and crush us that this can be achieved using a leap forward at the right time of the execution of the jump.
  • manipulation of enemies: this is used in this TAS to make enemies run towards subzero to kill a little earlier. This can also be used to make them stand still and do nothing or to jump forward subzero to pass under them without the need to jump on them that this is an improvement for some time to reduce the TAS.
  • enemy assists: This is rather a manipulation of the enemies which involves jumping normally and let us hit a uppercut this makes us to rise a little higher to reach some areas.
note: this is only used at levels 2 and 6.
  • double ground slide: this trick used to go faster in some places in the game instead of running.
  • Rope climbing faster: it uses the ropes to climb faster jump consisting in jump rope backwards and then propel forward and repeat the process until you reach the desired location instead of normally climb.
  • enemies disappear: This small mistake allows some enemies disappear in certain areas of the game that is more in the beginning of level 6 which shows this TAS as an enemy only appears at the beginning of the level before entering prison and usually the first in this part are 3 or 4 enemies. This serves to skip over that defeat enemies and only one before this part a little faster.
  • earth god skip glitch: This glitch is used in level 3 to skip earth god first need to do to get to the first chord of the first floor down a bit for it and then go back after that note object blocking the top floor after that there to climb the rope and get to the second floor then left there to fall through the hole that opens in the floor then return to the top and return to the first floor and back a bit to where there is a large spring we can propel up and returned to the second floor where we take the key and climb the rope to the top floor to open the door with that key and finish the level.
  • prison of souls skip: This glitch is to collect the first 2 keys to the elevators then go where the urn (key) which the enemy will pick up using the enemy assists and pick it up after that you have to kill himself and respawn at the checkpoint then go to the right there and brought him an enemy enemy assists to run again at the end of the level. note: thanks to this glitch can skip the boss of this level.
  • enemies respawn: I use it on level 8 of the game to enhance the experience to take on the last two bosses of the game. The glitch is to kill an enemy then returned back and then go where the enemy was and this will usually reappear.
  • action move animation cancel: this is to cancel action motion animation using a special movement subzero any of this serves to save some time.
  • instant kill: to run you must run a specific combo in the corner that is jump in kick,roundhouse,ground slide and low/high kick this causes the enemy crosses the floor dying instantly.
note: This glitch only works against boss Jataaka can also be run against other bosses but it gives the instantaneous death.
About the run
Level 1: After animation when meeting for the first time with scorpion continue running to the right and in this first hall roof pillars fall below them spent using a jump forward that this is achieved by executing the correct frame then on into the right and down to the first floor level to the left then continue where we find two rooms with pillars in which run the glitch to go under them then get to the first boss of the game that is Scorpion the quickest way to defeat in this game is using repetitive times 3 jab punch's after having defeated collect the map of the elements and head to the right until you reach the room with a rope climb that fast fashion and ended up reaching the level.
Level 2: at this level we started heading towards the right jumping platforms until you reach a part where there is an enemy that will help us run the enemy assists that will help us a little skip this part and then headed to the left jumping platforms to collect the first key that we will use to activate the tornado that later. After enabling it to continue to the right where there is a bridge that is destroyed and down the find another key to open the door that is above that to get there we enter the tornado to rise and reach inside herself and find her the last key level that serves to open the door near the end of this level after opening another tornado continued until take us to the boss wind god which defeated using the same method you use to defeat scorpion.
Level 3: at this level was completed using earth god skip glitch that the execution of this glitch explain the top. Funny thing you notice in this level is that on the top floor of the enemy's level of that floor are noticed something glitched I think that happens because of the execution of earth god skip glitch.
Level 4: this made ​​me long to finish something because no glitches to skip large parts of the level the only thing I use at this level was double ground slide and Rope climbing faster The only improvements that are used in this level and not to mention the way only quick way to defeat the boss of this level.
Level 5: this level is same as above no glitches to skip large parts of the level all I could use were some of the tricks I use in the previous level and some parts where there is fire on the ground the running normally pass though I removed blood and when the blood runs out I use an item to heal half the blood and continue to finish the level and the boss of this level use the same method used with the bosses of the previous levels.
Level 6: at the beginning of the level there to defeat the enemies in order to enter the first door on the level. Usually in the beginning there several enemies that must be defeated to access the door but when performing a manipulation could eliminate most enemies except one that must be defeated to access the gate then continue to the right where a pair defeat of enemies to unlock electric doors. A small improvement I could make with these doors is that you usually have to wait until they can be transferred disappear soon.
In the second part of the level I used the prison of souls skip that allows us to skip the third key that gives us the boss of this level but thanks to this glitch can skip this boss.
Level 7: This level is equal to the 4 and 5 no glitches to skip large parts of the level and to be passed normally. The only improvements I made was with the defeat bosses in a way a bit faster.
T-Rex boss: I beat him using normal jump + punch and repeating the same thing to defeat. Robots bosses: the robot bosses to defeat these movements jump in kick, roundhouse kick, 3 jab punch's and repeating the same thing to defeat.
Level 8: This is the longest level in the game making it's long for elevators that are slow to go up and down but apparently no glitches in this level to skip large parts. At this level is to get the three diamonds that are placed on the top floors of this level a glitch used against one of the bosses who give us a diamond each to defeat was the instant kill glitch use it against the first boss of this level, unfortunately you can not use this glitch with the other 2 bosses.
Another glitch that uses was to reappear in use enemies to gain experience fast to tackle the last two bosses.
Bosses Quan chi and Shinnok: against quan chi use the same method to defeat against bosses that use previous against Shinnok and not really fight against all we have to do is go to the right side of the then freeze and finally take the medallion and the latest improvement made ​​against this boss was that when removing the medallion run the ground slide to get from early to teleport where the game ends.
I hope you like this TAS.

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