Submission #3879: zvsp's N64 Bomberman 64 "100%" in 1:01:36.02

System Nintendo 64 Emulator mupen64-rr 8
Game Version Unknown Rom Frame Count 221761
ROM Filename Baku Bomberman (J) [!].z64 Frame Rate 60
Branch 100% Rerecord Count 160558
Unknown Authors zvsp
Game Bomberman 64
Submitted by zvsp on 3/2/2013 5:40:13 AM

Submission Comments
Bomberman 64 is the first 3D game of Bomberman. You should also see [2053] N64 Bomberman 64 by Nahoc in 23:38.55. JPN version has shorter intro. I used this version mainly because I'm familiar with it's voices and many Japanese audience are also.
  • Mupen64 0.5 re-recording v8 reset v2
  • Plays on hardest difficulty
  • Collects all items
  • Uses a game restart sequence
  • Uses deaths to save time
  • Abuses glitches
  • Manipulates luck


Nicovideo 60fps encodes: part1 part2 part3

Aim of this run

This run aims to "100%", which means earning 120 "gold cards" and all "custom parts" (costumes of bomberman). Custom parts can be used in 2 or more players battles, though they affect nothing for 1 player mode. To acquire prime "gold parts", players must complete 120 gold cards during 3 hours in-game time, in hard mode.

About this game

Worlds and stages

This game has six worlds (final one is hidden) and each world has 4 stages, and each stage has 5 cards to collect. You can play bottom four worlds in the order you like. For TAS of hard mode, Blue Resort is the best to play first because it has many power-up items in opening of stage.

Cards & parts

The 1st and 3rd stages in each world, which are quest stages, have 3 cards somewhere, 1 card from enemy which is killed for the 30th time, and 1 card given when target time (ごうかくタイム) is met. Also each have 2 custom parts somewhere (except 5th world, in which 1st stage have 1 and 3rd stage have 3 parts). Since target time and items are typically incompatible, almost stages are played more than one time.
In 2nd and 4th stages, you need to earn 5 cards at one time by meeting particular requirements. 4th of bottom four worlds and 2nd of upper two worlds are battles with big enemies, in which you can get cards mainly by attacking their parts beside body. Others are bomber battles which need pumped bombs to get cards.


Enemy spawning and despawning

Some enemies are spawned at proper point when bomberman steps away, and they will despawn if he steps away overly. To defeat enemies efficiently, I often manipurate these spawning by moving around.

Enemy's "suicide"

Some enemies sometimes kill themselves by falling or being captured by traps. It's worrying for 30 kills though it's manageable in some extent.

Luck manipuration

Bomb kick and bomb lifting mostly affect randomness. These affect behaviors of enemies and items appearing from enemies killed and objects broken, and their flowing orientations.

Lag control

Many items appearing may cause heavy lags so I have to manage not to spawn items as possible. While lags at 1st level of White Gracier are inevitable, it seems there're more lags than on console.

Death warp

When bomberman dies with life remaining, he restarts from the latest map he entered, keeping items obtained (except remote). On two stages this uses save a lot of time. His initial life is 2, and with additional death to renew lives (in Red Mountain 1 of this run), you can use this warp as long as his credits remain.

Tricks and glitches

Instant bomb-tower

Basic trick of tool-assisted Bomberman 64. When bomb-lifting is cancelled by another bomb, it become to bounce on another. Generally a bomb-tower needs wall to be built, while this doesn't.

Parabolic kick

When bomberman kicks bottom bomb of instant bomb-tower at specific timing, chained-kick occurs and bouncing bomb flies off, like bomb-throwing. This flying have lower height than throwing, but it can be stopped at any timing because it's one of bomb kick.

Advanced tower

By combining Instant bomb-towers and Parabolic kicks, bomberman can build various bomb-stairs and ascend them.

Falling jump

At specific edges of stage, bomberman can move out of edge at 1 frame and return soon, then you can drop only a bomb down. As bomberman fall to follow it, he will jump on it. This jump doesn't cause any stiffening that occurs when bomberman fall down from high platform, and it also enables to jump farther. The edges available are, slopes, corners, edges along wall, switches, and edges beside lower stair.

Another falling jump

At edges, you can set up bomb jumping with two bombs. If bomberman in the air moves around overlapping a bomb, he keep his height. Therefore you can use first bomb to keep height and jump on second bomb.

Float running

Bomberman's running speed at the air is faster than that at slope, so he can run faster by keep position at the air.

Arrowless goal glitch

In some levels, you can beat the level without goal arrow, mainly by reaching goal point forcibly.

Edge boost

Moving out of ledge generally gives bomberman a little boost. You can easily see them at last map of Black Fortress 3.

Possible improvements

As you see easily, at first level of Blue Resort I didn't use float running since I found the trick afterward. I couldn't fix because this game isn't hex-friendly at all. Also there maybe are some small improvable points.

Special thanks

  • Mifumi: He spread advanced tricks of this game, and put out many videos with remarkable tricks and strategies.
  • Saba: He made any%run with full power and developed falling jumps.
  • Nahoc: For his any%run with neat strategies.
  • And everyone who gave me feedback in Bomberman 64 thread.

Nahoc: I will judge this!
Nahoc: Accepting for publication in the Alternative tier. Good job, zvsp!
feos: Processing...

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