Submission #3910: KusogeMan's SNES Super Bomberman 3 in 25:45.97

Console Super NES Emulator lsnes-rr1-delta15epsilon3
Game Version unknown Frame Count 92911
ROM Filename Super Bomberman 3.smc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 4127
Unknown Authors KusogeMan
Game Super Bomberman 3
Submitted by KusogeMan on 3/31/2013 7:24:13 PM

Submission Comments
This is a 2-player TAS of the snes game Super Bomberman 3,inspired by some youtube's tas which used one player and cheated(mine is faster hehe)
No passwords used, no death used, takes damage to save time, goes for pure speed
Movement and strategies are extremely optimized,but raw luck manipulation was used without any knowledge of the game's internal code(no scripts) so inputs were tested. This game's areas are beaten by destroying the orange lamps,so stage layout is manipulated to make those more acessible to a bomb.
The first world start slow because the items that can skip most of the fighting only appear later in the game and we're stuck with blue "yoshi" to kick bombs all over the place so i can destroy the lamps fast. Many times,the soft block layout used makes one character useless but i made sure this was actually the fastest way to beat the area. Also,items are fixed per stage but their position on it is not.
Interesting stages to comment:
1-3 is a horrible stage,i couldn't get anything better for the layout and blue yoshi's kick is revealed to actually restart the bomb's timer here!
1-4 is mostly the same thing happening :( In its second area,i discovered that i cannot put the bomb in the first frame with the second character for some weird reason,hence why i end up putting the bomb in the next block.No time seems to be lost cause the enemy would have blocked the bombkick if it had gotten there sooner.
1st boss battle is perfect.I had found a glitch with becoming a bunny in the end of the fight mixing the color pallette,but it costed time so it was not used.
2-3 had good stage layouts but the final area also had the remote bomb in a bad position(all possible layouts tested in the first 7 frames had it so i kept this one for good lamp position)
As soon as i get the remote bomb,i start abusing invincinbility to detonate bombs inside other bomb's explosions.
2nd boss was good but i feel it can be improved by getting closer to the starting position in the end of the fight.Some bosses put you automatically going there before completing the death cutscene,which is why i always go back there.
3-2 i get the glove and use the blue "yoshi" as shield so i can detonate the bomb sooner,because the glove is a faster method fo throwing bombs around the screen(yoshi needs to take a few steps aways from the bomb before kickin it).
3-3 more remote bombs and the blockpass will cut this game's time i'd say in half.
3rd boss destroys me,i haven't found a way to repeat the attack which permits hitting twice many times in a row,so this guy actually gets vulnerable before he can be hit.Only the head and the neck are "hittable".
From here on it's a smooth ride,even though there is not much space to play around cause my inputs advance RNG for the next area's layout. 4th boss goes perfect,5th world and bosses too,6th world is best cause i spend no frame manipulating most areas.
final boss is ok in the first part,could be better if he could be manipulated to stay in the center(transformation for the second part begins when bomberman and bagular are positioned in their starting locations)
lol the run is not deathless,i wanted to show that you can stand between the robot's legs but it wasn't faster at any moment to put the bomb there cause it triggered attacks that would be very compromising in terms of time to dodge.
hope you enjoyed,i will answer more specific question in thread if necessary,and i believe all future improvements will come from better RNG understanding for stage layouts and the 2nd,3rd and final boss behaviors.Movement and strats was very tightly optimized so i'm pretty satisfied with this.The movie was tiring to do because the emulator is still very young(i haven't found a input editor version of it) but it has my full support cause it's very good.
Grassini here signin off and thankin you for reading all this,my fellow players for being patient and helpful,see you all in the forums.

Nach: Judging.
Ilari: Replaced savestate with movie (no input changes).

Nach: Reviewing the run, for the most part, it looks good. A few segments are questionable but aren't too bad. Regarding some levels being slower than "random encodes", it is unjust to pit runs which use passwords, inferior emulators, and are simply video which cannot be tested, against a run made with a proper emulator with a proper starting point and running process which is known to be clean and fair. True, there is what to improve, but for a first run for this game, I find this acceptable.
Ilari: Processing...

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