Rampage World Tour

  • Action


Rampage World Tour is the sequel of the classic Rampage. It starts off at Scumlabs International where three lab technicians, George, Lizzy, and Ralph, have mutated in an accident involving toxic waste. George has turned into a gigantic ape, Lizzy into a gigantic lizard or dinosaur, and Ralph into some sort of gigantic wolf. The three destroy the lab they previously worked at and then embark on a path of destruction encompassing the entire globe in an attempt to wipe off Scumlabs from Earth.
Chamale destroys every single city present in the game as George in less than an hour.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Platform Hashes
Good Rampage - World Tour (USA).z64 U N64
Sha1: 7a6c8758e67fd3da99e3420983c0d6df83e41c6b
Md5: 4645672a0cf00ada9b5e37cfde8b024e