Submission #3933: Espyo's Genesis VB6 "fastest Hello World" in 00:02.89

Console Sega Genesis Emulator VirtualBox rr-0.8
Game Version unknown Frame Count 173
ROM Filename VB6.EXE Frame Rate 59.92379632836855
Branch fastest Hello World Rerecord Count 15729964
Unknown Authors Espyo
Game Unknown Game
Submitted by Espyo on 4/1/2013 4:45:53 PM

Submission Comments
Given that it was Visual Basic 6's 15th anniversary 3 months and 1 day ago, probably, I've decided to do what most VB6 beginners do, but with tools! That's right, I created a classic "Hello World" application, as fast as possible.
The movie starts when VB6 is loaded (doesn't matter from where, so I chose the Start menu), and ends when F5 is pressed to run the created application. In between, a label is created and given the caption "Hello World".

General notes

  • I used Windows XP because it's the most stable OS for VB6.
  • I used Home Edition Service Pack 2 seeing as SP3 fixes a bug that indirectly makes the movie desync.
  • I used the Portuguese (Portugal) version, as one of the registry's keys loads faster, resulting in one frame less in comparison to the default, English language. English speakers won't miss anything though, seeing as the "meat", if you will, of the movie, the "Hello World" string is in English.

"Emulator" notes

  • A re-recording branch of VirtualBox was used to create this video. It's not yet available to the public, so you won't be able to playback the movie file for now! You can still enjoy my encode on YouTube.
  • The movie format is VERY similar to that of Gens', as the branch was based off of Gens' code. The only things different are mostly the content of each frame, and the framerate. This introduces two problems with the submission stats: the run is not @60FPS, but @20FPS (this is hardcoded), which brings the actual time to 8.65 seconds; and the fact that this isn't a Genesis game, but a Windows application (the file extension for the movie file is the same). These two issues are being solved as you're reading this.

This run...

  • Aims for the fastest time, first and foremost.
  • Goes for 100% completion.
  • Goes for the best ending.
  • Forgoes time-saving glitches.
  • Fits in the "Programming" genre.


Overall, this went smoothly. Definitely a run that many, MANY people have been wanting to see. I did run into some problems while aligning the cursor to create the label, but I ultimately ran across this layout for the label, which is the perfect optimization between label size and mouse speed. Enjoy!

Nach: Run does not begin from power-on, and is also suboptimal, rejecting.

Last Edited by Nach on 4/5/2013 1:58:57 PM
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