Submission #3938: goldfish's GBC Pokemon Yellow "Complete RAM rewrite" in 1:08:51:40.80

Console Game Boy Color Emulator VBA-rr v23.5
Game Version USA Frame Count 7065811
ROM Filename Pokemon Yellow (U)[C][!].gbc Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Complete RAM rewrite Rerecord Count 0
Unknown Authors goldfish
Game Pokémon: Yellow Version
Submitted by goldfish on 4/2/2013 12:38:56 AM

Submission Comments
I'm afraid that submitting this run on April Fool's day might lead people to believe that it isn't genuine, but I'm so excited for everyone to see the finished product that I'm gonna take the risk. Another branch name that I considered for this run is "Finishes A Different Game".
Please refer to bortreb's submission text for a comprehensive explanation of how the Pokemon Total Control Hack works:
My run essentially replaces the contents of Pokemon Yellow's RAM with the data necessary to play the entire end-of-game sequence from GBC Link's Awakening, i.e. beginning immediately after the wind fish fade-out and continuing all the way to "The End". Not surprisingly, it takes a substantial amount of time to write all of that data; the total payload is about 690kB, and as we're only able to do 1 byte per frame, 690kB / (60 B/s) = just over three hours.
All input up to the payload delivery is copied verbatim from bortreb's submission; special thanks go out to him for making this run possible.
(I'll insert further details here later)

Nach: Judging.

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