Submission #3950: Bernka's Windows Eversion "good ending" in 03:52.58

Console Windows Emulator Hourglass-r81
Game Version USA Frame Count 13955
ROM Filename eversion.exe Frame Rate 60
Branch good ending Rerecord Count 2914
Unknown Authors Bernka
Game Eversion
Submitted by Bernka on 4/14/2013 2:26:28 AM

Submission Comments
A game looks like supermario, the interesting thing is you can everts the current world at a eversion point. There are 8 layout of worlds can be evertsed in this game, to search the eversion point and charge the world is necessary.

Game objectives

  • Emulator tool: Hourglass-r81
  • Game version: 1.7.3
  • Gets the good ending
  • Aims for the fastest time
  • Uses Death to save time

About the game

The game is different from HD version, for crashed with hourglass, I used the old 2008 version to make this run.
Just like supermario, princess is kidnapped you must save princess. Also, There are 3 ending you can get. As we know, to collect all gems for good ending and no all gems for bad ending. But I can use glitch to get good ending.

Glitches and tricks

  • If you jump and bump the corner of the platform that is right above you, you fly as long as you hold Jump button.
  • This glitch found by Acmlm, I made it sense by myself. To use this glitch, you can everts the world wherever you are. When you die, you fall down like supermario from dead point to bottom, if a eversion point is below you, you can everts while you touching the eversion point. After the death ends and before the black background tip appears by 1 frame, in this frame everts the world and you get this glitch. If you everts from lower to higher world, you can only everts the world +1 each time. Otherwise, if you everts from higher to lower world, you can only everts the world -1 each time.To get the good ending, the possible way is everts to world 7-8 and access to world 8, this glitch is for that. Some waiting is for this glitch.


  • This is really good ending, even better than bad ending.


  • Acmlm, for finding the glitch to access world 8 without all gems.
  • Scepheo, for making the “bad ending” run.

feos: Accepting for Moons.

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