Submission #3952: coconou's SNES The Smurfs "Pacifist, No Damage" in 24:10.30

Console Super NES Emulator BIZHAWK 1.4.0
Game Version Europe Frame Count 72525
ROM Filename Smurfs, The (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).sfc Frame Rate 50.0069789081886
Branch Pacifist, No Damage Rerecord Count 3573
Unknown Authors coconou
Game The Smurfs
Submitted by coconou on 4/15/2013 1:56:42 PM

Submission Comments

Game Objectives

  • Takes no damage
  • Pacifist
  • Forgoes time-saving damage


Certain waiting phases could not be avoided because the game has not been programmed to pass many passages without killing monsters. It is thus impossible to pass these passages directly.
The choice of difficulty, all talks, password screens and banner before levels are validate at the first available frame.
I took the least amount of stars possible.
To creep stop the running animation.
The black crows and bats make damage on a part of their sprite, not on the entire sprite.

Stage by Stage Comments

Act 1 The Village:

It’s possible to stop the smurf on pools, the water throw by the smurf makes damage during some frames but at the end it’s damage less. The flying smurf doesn’t make damage on the entire of this sprite, the dodge of land balls is to a one frame.

Act 2 The Forest:

Nothing particular in the first part, in second part there are the leaf triggers and not take damage, smurf dance to spend time to able to jump on leaf.

Act 3 The Bridge:

To do very shorts jump on birds for don’t lose any speed.

Act 4 The Black Forest:

Handling behavior of black smurf, when you are in front of them, they just jump on site but if you their turn back they come and kill you. Dodge of black flies that kill you in a fatal hit. One leaf on two is necessary to pass any chasms. The carnivorous plant can be killed by putting the spring in a small area, with this setup you have just to jump at different heights for kill the boss. You must be careful to the black smurf which appears in right or left side (you can handle and changing it), after the boss death I take the key before it affects the ground.

Act 5 The Lake:

I throw some explosives gifs nearby to frogs without kill them. You can abuse to the ducks sprite because they take the smurf on a large area. I jump from a duck to another duck and again, I dodge the stars. In the second part, the ghost doesn’t do any damage at the bottom of this sprite.

Act 6 The Field:

I use the first leaf spring so as to stop the jump and take the passage. At the end if you jump too high the spiders hit you.

Act 7 The Dam:

The spring is released in jump to save time, I pick up the spring before I’m on this. I save a jump at the top of the level, with a good speed the smurf go up at the higher level.

Act 8 The Swamp:

When I can do it, I jump on the frogs as soon as possible, from they appear the smurf arrives on them but you see the smurf to sink in water but he doesn’t die. I optimize jumps lianas to lianas to whether more aesthetic and save time. The snake is killed as soon as possible and some hits are sprites contactless. I’m not really satisfied with this stage. There are some tiny mistakes that should be fixed in v2. It’s faster to avoid the last big underwater bone from the left.

Act 9 The Cave:

The jumps on detonators are small in order to save time, the smurf is directed to the best direction for restart faster. The bat dodge is easy with a hit box according to their wings and they need a lot of time to take off.

Act 10 The Mountain:

The rabbits can be passed by two ways, run under them when they jump or jump above them. The butterfly has a big hit box, bigger than this sprite. In the last part of the level you can cut this if you take a spring at the top left and put it at the right you skip the ice and save a lot of time.

Act 11 The Mine:

I’m so sorry, I have to get a 1-up, the game in hardest difficulty give you a life (Infogrames could be nice….). When you stay down 2 (or 3 for any doors) frames, 2 or 3 frames before the damage, you will not take damage, the smurf can activate the levers a few frames before or after he go ahead.

Act 12 The Volcano:

The gifts explosion can be not affect the smurf with a good timing, they are throw as soon as possible to save time and I pass through walls of rocks when it’s possible. In the second part of the level I willingly dodge a life. For the dragon boss, I find a safe area, behind the dragon, the edge of the platform and far to the dragon’s tail which make damage; the gifts have been landed with the best timing.

Act 13 The Descent:

This part doesn’t have any particularity, I jump above the rocks, the yeti doesn’t make damage if you touch him after he touch down on snow and he push you. The slay can catch up on the edges of the banks, it is possible to touch the sprite of the big snowballs but the global pattern for this level and how I played avoided me to have snowballs.

Act 14 The Cliff:

This level doesn’t include particular difficulty, trunk rotation is regular unlike enemies, the fact that enemies not all would necessarily well placed has forced me to wait for very short periods.

Act 15 Gargamel’s Manor House:

In the bubble, some spines are harmless, diagonal movements are faster than a straight line. In the second part of the level I dodged Azrael and my character was faster than him, jumps are not carried at their maximum speed to avoid being hit by plants. The black flies had a little conditioned my route in this level to lose a minimum of time, the last jump before a small plant was reduced to not go on the platform above. The part of the stairs boils down to not to be on the road of an apple or a book while jumping step by step. For the last part, the manner in which I placed my character has allowed me to send a tassel at each passage of vulture then take the key as soon as possible.
I can assure you that none smurfs were harmed during the making of this TAS, some of black Smurfs have unfortunately committed suicide themselves in the level of the Black Forest, peace to their souls.

Special Thanks

I thank very much Rayas, feos, Nahoc and many others for their help and their advice.

feos: YouTubed. Also, Judging...
feos: Before the Tier system was introduced, boring movies were rejected for bad game or goal choice. After the Vault appeared, some of the boring movies got a chance, but there is still a reason a well-TASed movie can be rejected.
Any TAS that was liked by the audience can be published in the Moons tier, even if it has an uncommon goal. The enjoyment justifies arbitrary goals. But if the TAS wasn't liked, enjoyment can not justify it's publication, and it was set so that being a speed record justifies the acceptance. And only 2 most common and sane goals were left for boring (vaultable) movies: any% (fastest completion) and 100% (full completion/best ending), with no time indulgence in both cases (otherwise it's not a time record).
That system is used, because we still need to hold the quality bar of our content high, and it would be impossible to handle an unlimited amount of publications (if boring movies were not confined in the goals). To prevent getting rejected for goal choice (to prevent picking such a goal), it is always advised to post WIPs on forums and collect the feedback from the people that would comment the submission afterwards.
I have to reject this submission for a bad feedback in the presence of an unconventional goal. This is due to the game not providing much to interest people. However, the submission with taking time-saving damage and with time-saving kills will most likely be accepted as long as it is faster than this one.

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