Submission #3967: pirohiko's PSX Crash Bandicoot (Japan) in 36:19.85

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Sony PlayStation
PSXjin 2.0.2
Submitted by pirohiko on 5/12/2013 5:34:54 PM
Submission Comments
I cannot write so many sentences, because I'm very weak in English.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: PSXjin v2.0.2 svn0
  • CD ID: SCPS-10031
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Manipulates luck
  • No Death
  • Aims for fastest time / Any%
  • Takes Damage to Save Time
  • Genre: Platform

Main update point

#2511: Mukki's PSX Crash Bandicoot in 45:29.50
updated 32979F than last time. (about 9:09)
In last time, zigzag movement which was not used is the biggest updating point. Although there are some shortenings by a language difference, it is updating smaller than the move method.

About death and a box

Since the jumping motion and result screen at the time of the goal are reduced, dying becomes about 5 seconds quick. And it can die from almost all levels within 3 seconds, i.e., the U which can omit a result about a box is 30 seconds or more quicker than J. If it is "No Death", J is faster than U.

Lua Script

[dead link removed] This script is written so that size of one box becomes 100. And, I visualized the spin residual quantity.

About the Crash's speed in my script

0 deg Velocity0 deg Real Movement45 deg Velocity45 deg Real Movement
walk 18.00 18.00 16.26 16.00
jump 18.00 24.00 16.26 16.00
zigzag jump 22.99 24.00 16.00 16.00
spin walk 20.51 22.00 18.52 20.00
zigzag spin jump 26.20 28.00 18.52 20.00
third mask walk 24.00 24.00 21.67 22.00
third mask zigzag jump 22.99 24.00 16.00 16.00
third mask zigzag spin jump 26.20 28.00 18.52 20.00

Movement and New Tricks


The spin influences speed, but management is important because you cannot use it for a while when you spend too much it. It is restored for once in two seconds and is saved to five times. His spin has 24 frames in ground and the air has 14 frames. When he makes a landing and jumps immediately, 4 frame spins are continued.

Zigzag boost

Crash's speed is boosted, if you continue pressing D-pad diagonally while jumping.

Lizard boost

The lizard bounces a spin on the ground at high speed. This inertial speed obstructs some slowdown by spinning.

Corner boost

When he stamped a box and an enemy, his position is revised. Because it may act to the opposite direction, attention is necessary, but, as for them, a one-third box is pushed at the maximum.

Double Jump

The grounding range of the object which moves is wider than the contact range. The opportunity of the re-jump is provided when touched to grounding judgment during a jump. Since a collision detection will swell if a spin is carried out, it becomes easier to carry out a re-jump.

Submarine Jump

For ten frames falling from the ground, you can jump. In addition, the ground judgment continues when I fall while spinning. In addition, when you fall while spinning, the ground judgment continues, and a jump is enabled after spin completion. But you lose ground judgment and just drop if going to jump in a spin.

Pulled board jump

You cannot just step on the hidden board, but can slightly step when you turn towards 225 degrees from 135 degrees for 0.1 seconds.

Quick turn

When you want to advance to the opposite direction, you can advance fast than you brake it when you turn with your keeping speed. On the ground, it can turn by 90 degrees, and can turn by 11 degrees in the air.

The same tricks

Spinning Invincibility

If you spin before landing on a spike or enemy you can jump off it before the damage is registered. Saves nice time in many places in Native Fortress and Slippery Climb.

3rd Dimension Abuse

This game has many 2D levels and the designers attempted to have these within 2D parameters, however in some 2D levels it is possible to jump towards the camera and bend around normally impassible objects.

Spinning TNT

While running past TNT there is a small frame window where if you spin you will blow up the TNT but will be too far away from the explosion to be killed by it. This is a good way to get rid of the TNT crates and some other nearby boxes.

Wall Glitch

You can use the walls in The Lost City and Sunset Vista to push you off the edge while retaining the ground flag and this can be used to escape the level and skip large portions of it. This can only really be used in the horizontal scrolling sections of these levels. In the vertical ones it is possible but you cannot reenter the level. This is used in Sunset Vista, but not in the lost city due to the route.

Difference version of U and J

Slight difference

Some kind of placement are different.

Green Gem

There is Green Gem in "The lost city" of U, but there is it in "Hog wild" in J.

Red Gem

There is Red Gem in "Slippery Climb" of U, but there is it in "The lost city" in J.

Sunset Vista and Slippery Climb

Those appearance levels are replaced.

The high road

Because it was too difficult, it was shortened in J.

Papu Papu

You can defeat him by 3 hits in U, but 5 hits are necessary in J, too.

Talkative AkuAku

Because a hint message is displayed when I acquire a mask in J, I am slightly late.

Missed box

The numerical box which you missed falls in U, but only one box falls in J.

Sanctions to death

There is not the chance to be given a gem for after having died in U, but there is a chance in J.



Seductive problem

Global frame rule

Some objects link by a global timer and move. When I am kept waiting by them, small shortening at the level before it may become meaningless.

Camera work

I die without the ground being loaded if I do not wait for camera work to be changed in some scenes.

levels comment

N. Sanity Island (めざめの ビーチ)

It is important that Z movement maintains 24 or 28 fundamentally. On a perpendicular scene, if it lands on a low position by using being pushed into a wall, it will be slightly shortened by being pushed up about 30 (0.3 box of height).

Jungle Rollers (えんばんいわの ジャングル)

The Great Gate (のぼれ! クラッシュ)

In his jumping power, since there is only about 250 wall, it cannot jump over three stacked boxes except for an exception. Moreover, since there is a wall not appearing in 2D stage, it cannot go to a near side. The shield man rebounds a spin at 32 inertia movement. If a spin is made a cactus, it will be pushed out about 100 from 50. The rolling monkey bounces a spin like a brick, but is not available because a timing to stop it is bad.

Boulders (おおいわ ゴロゴロ)

It is important that Z movement moves horizontally little by little at the angle which can maintain 24 or 28.

Upstream (さかなに きをつけろ)

A double jump can be performed by using the flowing leaf. Even if there is no yellow gem, it is possible to destroy the box under a log and to return, but it cannot go to the back side of a goal pedestal.

Papu Papu (ふとっちょの パプパプ)

Akuaku certainly begins from 2, and after finishing, it is set to 0 and it cannot be carried over.

Rolling Stones (えんばんいわの はて)

Hog Wild (イノシシ ダッシュ!)

Green gem is obtained here. Since it is compulsive scrolling, vibration is meaningless.

Native Fortress (とりでの てっぺんへ)

If it passes through a flame from the bottom using a submarine jump, a flame damage judging is avoidable. It is very important to manage spin residual quantity on this level. I did a retry several times to break through the global frame rule of the cactus of 33900F.

Up the Creek (じょうりゅうを めざせ)

I used fish damage after the first double jump.

Ripper Roo (いかれた リパールー)

The fade-out becomes fast when drowned timely, but there is not shortening because I do not change at time before the next road screen coming out.

The Lost City (とかげで だいジャンプ)

Lizard boost and Pulled board jump can be used on this level. I maintained inertia longer with keeping a judgment above the ground by the application of the double jump and spinning in 47430F.

Temple Ruins (こだいの しんでん)

A hateful level with much detention. A double jump is possible on the pillar which moves, the disk which moves, and the scaffold to go up and down.

Road to Nowhere (きりの つりばしで)

The frozen downward slope has an effect to push out.

Boulder Dash (また おおいわだ!)

Slippery Climb (あらしの こじょう)

If it lands on the closed stairs, it will be returned, without the ability to jump, but it can land on a boundary line.

Koala Kong (コアラコングは ちからもち)

I manipulated luck so that the distance that a heavy rock is carried to becomes shortest. I cannot adjust the position of the truck.

Heavy Machinery (きかいか けいかく)

Some steam are avoided by moving to the front. The ground rises by a camera viewpoint change in 79680F. Because the collision detection grows big by a spin, the launching pad can touch it from the side.

Cortex Power (コルテックスの はつでんしょ)

All box completion is possible without a blue gem.

Generator Room (はつでんしつ しんにゅう)

If you touch an outside yellow object, you will receive an electric shock. Even if it lands there, carrying out a spin, there is no damage.

Toxic Waste (ドラムかん ステップ)

Pinstripe (クールな ピンストライプ)

The High Road (カメカメ ジャンプ)

Because it was too difficult, it was shortened in J.

Sunset Vista (ゆうやけの はいきょ)

The initial state of the wall of 102100F is closed by all means. Because the invisible wall of here is bigger than others, I can't bypass the wall from any direction. It broke through the wall of 103300F with double jump.

Lights Out (くらやみで ドッキリ)

The message of Akuaku appears in the 1st time, the 3rd time, and the 5th time.

Jaws of Darkness (ふかい くらやみの なかで)

A hateful level with much detention. Loading time became long by the result that I performed forcibly in 116270F. A shutter breakthrough in 116690F does not already have a margin even 1 frame. The B plan when I was not able to break through a shutter was to climb it on a ceiling.

Castle Machinery (きかいかは すすむ)

Because there is an invisible wall from the left of the pedestal of the goal to the top, you cannot go directly.

Dr. Nitrus Brio (かがくの ニトラス ブリオ)

When he is approached, since both of hands are uped and it stops throwing a flask, it becomes a loss.

The Lab (ビリビリ けんきゅういん)

I pushed the switch among bombs with a researcher by adjusting a position.

The Great Hall (しろダイヤの いきさきは?)

Dr. Neo Cortex (コルテックスと いっきうち)

Finally, I spin in the air as close as possible and am finished.

Special Thanks

Mukki, Spikestuff, turbofa, iiro2
I hope you enjoy the run!

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: Accepting to Moons as an improvement to the published movie.

natt: Processing
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