Submission #3976: CoolKirby's NES Kirby's Adventure "glitched" in 00:39.07

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.2.1
Game Version USA PRG0 Frame Count 2348
ROM Filename Kirby's Adventure (U) (PRG0) [!].nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch glitched Rerecord Count 1958
Unknown Authors CoolKirby
Game Kirby's Adventure
Submitted by CoolKirby on 6/1/2013 7:25:32 AM

Submission Comments
This is an improvement of 18360 frames to the published glitched run and an improvement of 4494 frames to MUGG's unsubmitted, faster glitched run.
I started it immediately after I saw TASeditor's post in the Kirby's Adventure thread about a glitch he had recently found to clip through sloped hills. As soon as I watched his video demonstrating the glitch, I was motivated to spend the rest of my afternoon and night creating this improvement to the glitched run of my favorite game.

About the run

  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.1 (Old PPU)
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Abuses glitches
  • Genre: Platform

Room by room comments

Room 1

  • I tried and tried to improve the beginning of this level, and almost did by 1 frame, but I just couldn't manipulate those Waddle Doos to jump toward Kirby and also not use their laggy attack, so I just hand-copied the same (apparently perfect) input over.
  • I discovered a little trick to turn Kirby around right before he swallows the Mix, saving a few frames because he doesn't have to turn around after the transformation.
  • I had some trouble sliding off of the tall mesa and not taking damage from the Hot Head and losing my ability or killing it and bouncing very high (both scenarios would waste time). By sliding off the mesa at just the right frame, I bounce low enough to enter the door without wasting a whole bunch of time.

Room 2

  • Kirby moves slower on slopes, so I jump over all of them in this room and all but one in the next (you'll see why).
  • The way I puff up and spit at the Bronto Burt is the fastest I found to do it without accidentally manipulating the Sparky at the end of the room to use his very laggy attack.

Room 3

  • I jump once at the very beginning to manipulate the Hot Head to not use his laggy attack on screen (he uses it after I leave the screen, but the level doesn't lag).
  • By jumping very high over the Poppy Bros. Jr., I make the Waddle Doo jump too, preventing him from using his laggy attack and just getting in the way of the glitch.
  • You can't clip through the slope with just one jump. You need at least two 1-frame jumps, one right after the other. The first jump pushes you into the line of the slope (where the game can push you back out if it wants to), and the second one decisively puts you on the other side of the line.
  • Once Kirby is inside the slope, I turn to stone to slow his lateral movement to move him slowly into the water (so he doesn't skip right to a swimming animation) and then use the stone glitch to skip to the credits.

Suggested Screenshots

1232, 1801, 1858

Thanks to

  • TASeditor for finding, sharing, and demonstrating this clipping glitch
  • MUGG for his previous glitched runs

feos: Setting to delayed until the frame war ends and we finally have a new movie.
feos: The framewar is over, CoolKirby promised to cancel this submission in favor to the final one, I guess it won't harm is I do so while he is away.

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