Submission #4005: Soig's NES Super C "1 player" in 12:25.19

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCE Ultra 0.98.28
Game Version USA Frame Count 44785
ROM Filename Super C (U) [!].nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch 1 player Rerecord Count 9058
Unknown Authors Soig
Game Super C
Submitted by Soig on 7/10/2013 7:37:06 AM

Submission Comments


This is my third movie for Super C. And it beats 267 frames. (=4.45 seconds.)
Native movie file (.fcm) is converted by FCEUX 2.1.5.

Some important comments:

Main Menu: 1 frame faster. It's same as my pacifist run.
Area 1: 90 frames faster. Using boss's bug helps me save time.
Area 2: 26 frames faster. Better route and better boss fighting.
Area 3: 8 frames faster. Better boss fighting. And I didn't lose 2 frames to kill the enemies behind player.
Area 4: 63 frames faster. Main improvement is from better boss fighting.
Area 5: 8 frames faster. Boss fighting...
Area 6: 1 frame faster. Due to 1 less lag frame.
Area 7: 38 frames faster. Faster walking.
Area 8: 32 frames faster. Faster walking...
There are more lag in my movie, though. So maybe I should change to use FCEUX next time. Because it can show me the number of lag frames any time. But for this movie, I won't improve it again. Because it's good enough to me. And I'm very glad to see someone improve my movie soon.

Future improvements:

Less lag.
Using S and F better.
Better walking.

Nach: Judging.
feos: HD youtuber.

Nach: Accepting as improvement to existing run.

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