Submission #4022: phoenix1291's DS Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll in 07:37.63

System Nintendo DS Emulator DeSmuMe 0.9.9 x64 (MSVC v1500)
Game Version Europe Frame Count 27378
ROM Filename 0320 - Super Monkey Ball - Touch & Roll (E)(Legacy) Frame Rate 59.82609828808082
Branch Rerecord Count 127
Unknown Authors phoenix1291
Game Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll
Submitted by phoenix1291 on 7/22/2013 11:28:49 PM

Submission Comments
Explanation when submitted, i dont want to explain for my first TAS until descision. I made this run tor enterteinmant only, I will explain shortcut later. I saw no TAS or Speedrun of the game so far.

Noxxa: Claiming for judgment.
Noxxa: As has been noted in the submission thread, the run is very unoptimized and fails to match unassisted scores. Rejecting.

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