Submission #4142: sack_bot's Windows Psycho Waluigi in 47:43.00

Console Windows Emulator Hourglass r81
Game Version unknown Frame Count 143150
ROM Filename psychowaluigi.exe Frame Rate 50
Branch Rerecord Count 0
Unknown Authors sack_bot
Game Psycho Waluigi
Submitted by sack_bot on 12/27/2013 6:03:58 PM

Submission Comments
Waluigi decides he's done being neglected by Nintendo, so he decides to conquer some kingdoms with his newfound ability to enter walls and use psychic powers.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Hourglass r81
  • Does not take damage.
  • Real time.
  • In game time.
  • Score


I will add more comments and encode later, but one very importen thing has to be said about the rerecord count. See, there is This bug in hourglass r81 that makes the rerecord count lowball of the real number. My estimate is 11000 rerecords.

Stage by stage comments

<Put the name of the first stage here>

<Explain the first stage here>

<Put the name of the second stage here>

<Explain the second stage here>
<And so on>

Other comments

<Explain here things the audience would probably like to see> <Explain also things that could be improved in your movie> <You may also suggest screenshots.>

feos: Synced, judging...
feos: Accepting to Moons and publishing...

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