Submission #4163: saomoore94's SNES Mortal Kombat "Flawless Run" in 10:38.95

System Super Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator Snes9x 1.51 v7
Game Version Unknown Rom Frame Count 38400
ROM Filename Mortal Kombat Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Flawless Run Rerecord Count 2969
Unknown Authors saomoore94
Game Mortal Kombat
Submitted by saomoore94 on 1/18/2014 12:48:28 AM

Submission Comments
Note this movie is not so violent.
This Movie
-Played on hardest difficulty
-Humiliates AI's
-Fight as Scorpion
-No Bonus Fights
Like all the other Mortal Kombat fighting games made, MK1 is about warriors fighting against one & another In order to win a tournament or to survive with power & fame. Scorpion is chosen due to his ability to teleport Punch behind them & stab them in the chest with his Spear to & defeat them at the fast pace.
This movie aims to show of how much useful it is to use scorpion special moves & finish the game with no fatalities, no reptile fights, no test your might bonus it simply shows you how much fun it is to play as Scorpion, the AI is so slow, weak & humiliated.
Anybody can reply comments for this video.

Nach: I found the play in this run to be a bit more polished. However, this run is still filled with noticeable problems. As a TASer, one needs to look at the little things and see how they can optimize them. Take the Come Here move. When the enemy is closer, it completes faster, and when the enemy is farther away, it takes longer. When the enemy is close to the other end of the screen, Scorpion's screen wrap attack would be much quicker than this move, and better for Finish Him. In other cases, there are still faster attacks like a jump kick pulled off while the enemy is still in the process of standing up. In general, moves need to be selected which minimize the time used by an attack and the distance the enemy is thrown to. Scorpion's screen wrap is good to close the distance after a strong attack, but was rarely used to do so.
Other issues are pointed out in the discussion thread as well. Some of these issues were also present in #4157: saomoore94's SNES Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 "Flawless Run" in 08:21.54 and commented on there. It takes a while to really understand TASing technique in depth, so please try to incorporate the suggestions, and polish the play better. I would recommend trying to improve upon a game already commented upon, and once you've mastered what it takes, then to embark on other games.
If you've already recorded some games which make the same mistakes pointed out here, instead of submitting them as a movie ready for publication as you've done till now, place them on user files and discuss them in the forums asking if there are other mistakes that can be corrected.
Once you feel you have a run which incorporates the feedback received, submit it as publication worthy, and surely you'll stand a good chance of becoming published. Please refrain from submitting runs which do not incorporate the feedback given, as they will be rejected as well, and will only serve to distinguish you as a user who ignores feedback.

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