Submission #4202: McBobX's GBA Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance "Maxim, all bosses" in 07:30.75

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA-rr v23.5
Game Version USA Frame Count 26922
ROM Filename Castlevania - Harmony Of Dissonance (U).gba Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Maxim, all bosses Rerecord Count 39684
Unknown Authors McBobX
Game Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
Submitted by McBobX on 3/2/2014 4:10:19 PM

Submission Comments

Castlevania - Harmony Of Dissonance TAS "Maxim,All Bosses" in 07:30.79 by McBobX


Takes damage to save time

Usually,most of Castlevania HoD TASes forgose taking damage with Juste or Maxim.But this time,it is necessary to take it when warping from Luminous Cavern A to Luminous Cavern B after destroying Death.

Uses Warps

Comparing to the "Maxim in bounds" entry,this run use wall glitch in order to warp to any wanted place.Also it forgose using the normal warping which is in the current branch

Luck Manipulation

Moving using dash,slide or something else,can manipulate damage given (Critical Hits)

Aims for fastest time possible

I try to defeat all bosses as fast as possible,and I have done 1 min and 52 sec faster than Tarion's run due to change all the route and more optimization

Special Thanks:

  • To Tarion for his effort by doing an "All Bosses" run as Maxim.It helped me
  • All Castlevania HoD TASers

Author's Encode

Here is encode for this run

for publisher

If this encode is good and accepted as an officiel one,please setup the link on publication

I hope you will enjoy the run

feos: Accepting as an improvement to the existing "Maxim, all bosses" run.
As for encode, official HD should be still put to TVC and embedded at first (to generate the proper movie description), then the author should put that description to his YouTube upload, this way we can then allow his encode to be embedded officially to the publication page.
Spikestuff: Keeps Staring at Pokemon. What Castlevania? What Guga_ wants do something else... okay I will.

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