Submission #4241: ForgoneMoose, ZX497, romscout, Turbodog702, zex, Desquall, SketchFile, Mecharichter, PKSL, a bottle of tequila's PSX Castlevania: Symphony of the Night "Richiter, No Uppercut, Expert Mode, French Glitchl" in 06:54.95

Console Sony PlayStation Emulator PSXjin v2.0.2
Game Version USA Frame Count 24897
ROM Filename sotn.iso Frame Rate 60
Branch Richiter, No Uppercut, Expert Mode, French Glitchl Rerecord Count 9587
! Sram Authors ForgoneMoose, ZX497, romscout
(Additionally: Turbodog702, zex, Desquall, SketchFile, Mecharichter, PKSL, a bottle of tequila)
Game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Warnings ! Preinitialized memory card 1 Is empty ! Preinitialized memory card 2 __Block 1__((%%% Name: 'CASTLEVANIA-1 X-X!V??Q 33%' Filename: 'DRAX00' Product Code: 'SLUS-00067' Territory: American Blocks Used: 1 Bytes Used: 8192 Status: OK Icon: 3 frames Link Type: First Next Block: None ))
Submitted by ForgoneMoose on 4/1/2014 12:15:46 AM

Submission Comments
This year 199X, health, war is A'BREWIN. Dead, anytime, anywhere dog feces, it has been very bad. Anywhere in the day to DOWNTHROAT Deep Throat and heroes WOWZERS. The testicles are stubborn thorn story TRUFFLER this. I rely HEROMAN sexy at the heart and soul of the IT industry is all stupid day and night to save dog feces. Your hearing is very difficult to hear, listen to hear the story of Jesus Christ, your cap, I think it's okay difficult to IM your ear to me, from your liability side as follows

Game objectives

  • Uses hardest difficulty
  • Does not use heathen bullshit to tote religious paraphernalia
  • Does not lose its way
  • Boku no Abahbob
  • Have you seen my pencil?
  • I just don't get it
  • Ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh
  • Fite me bitch
  • Go climb a wall of dicks
  • Kills a boss fairly quickly maybe
  • Use for sexual activity untested
  • Grow a pair of wings and join me m8
  • Bang a hole in the wall with your head and form a passageway back to reality nerd
  • jump jump jump
  • Hits more notes to get a better score
  • Is star material
  • Has more rerecords than the mirror may make it seem like
  • Skips lots of bosses if played back on Monday
  • Richter's red outfit is much prettier than his green one
  • Don't ask what's in Sunkist
  • I used my phone to call you and I got static. Are you okay?
  • If you don't jump down right fucking now I'm going to murder you
  • Toilet paper is used as a substitute for parchment
  • Akarin~
  • Prince of Persia 3D TAS incoming
  • Manipulates heavy yes vote RNG
  • a colly jolly mustaveel
  • Flameberger is a Lameberger
  • This has more rerecords than all of (INSERT YOUR USERNAME HERE)'s submissions combined!
  • Sometimes a mecha is just a mecha
  • For those who didn't know before, this is the way this game works:
  • Is actually the Wind Waker TAS played backwards
  • MrGrunz is my alt account
  • Uses PSXjin, an awful emulator
  • Contains more lag frames than frames total in the Adventure of Link TAS
  • Uses no glitches except when it does
  • Better than 90% of Mario TASes on the site
  • Instant grounds for my promotion to site moderator
  • Start screen is optimized to be as start as possible
  • I lean away from the inputs to go faster
  • Sliding is 69% sexier to most transwomen than the average car
  • Plays through the WOAT game
  • The PSP version of this game is actually just a novel
  • I think I know what I'm doing thank you. Now get me another beer you piece of shit


This run activates expert mode by being good at the game. Therefore, it may not sync back properly for other users, but it should still beat the game on normal otherwise. Don't worry, I have prepared an encode that shows what it should normally look like:

Expert mode does the following:
  • Makes Richiter red
  • Offers improved music selection
  • Enables the otherwise secret Maria X Hippogryph sex scene. Skipped due to time and moral integrity

Stage by stage comments

<Put the name of the first stage here> I forgot

<Explain the first stage here> Okay. I charge in like a piece of shit and kill some dogs

<Put the name of the second stage here> I love you Mecharichter

<Explain the second stage here> I do a sick ass backflip onto a platform somewhere. Otherwise, this level is utter garbage just like you are.
<And so on> The music here made me whole inside
It stopped asking me to explain stages so i'll do it anyways. Anyway, there's a fucking huge staircase and Hippogryph is a vagina
5) The flea rider place
Watching this level play back made my dick 8 feet long.
6) Reverse flea rider place
Have you seen your hand in the mirror lately? It's, like, 5 times the size of your fucking face jesus christ
7. Inverted Chapel
<3 <3 <3
69. Minominoiminomino skip
i fly over some shit
12) cock rush complete :^)
cock rush compete :^)

Other comments

There are no improvements to be found because this movie is perfect and I'm literally the only person who is both still active and has any idea how to TAS this game so you wouldn't find them anyway :D
I'd like to thank my coauthors, who I'm sure helped somewhere. I'm just not entirely sure how. Also Rebellion is a shit movie and you should feel bad if you enjoyed it

Bisqwit: Rejected for being even less reproducable than the other one. (And for untidying the forum layout.)

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