Submission #4268: Scepheo's Windows VVVVVV in 00:59.60

Hourglass r81
Submitted by Scepheo on 4/7/2014 11:08 PM
Submission Comments
In this tas, Captain Viridian teleports back and forth, and is then smacked into a wall so hard he think he's saved everyone.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Hourglass r81
  • Settings: allow threading
  • Game version: VVVVVV 2.0
  • Takes damage to save time


After playing around with text storage a bit (okay, a lot) I found this. So I made a run of it. It's short. Using normal RTA timing, the run is 0:48.07.

Glitches used

Intro skip

I suicide to get out of the introduction level. Normally this is used to skip the second intermission as well, but we never reach that point.


Recently discovered by CtrlAltDelicious, telejumping allows you to be catapulted out of a teleporter. Normally used to clip into walls, I use it for a small speed boost when going back to the ship. Except now with the updated version I don't.

Text storage

Exiting the game while you're in a dialog causes the dialog state to carry over. Combine this with level completion, trinket collection and teleporting for weird results. Apparently it also allows you to beat the game really, really fast.

Other comments

No, that's about it, really.

turska: Judging.
Movie file replaced at the author's request. The new movie is 396 frames faster.
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