Submission #4278: tianwodeai's NES Rockman 4 Minus Infinity in 35:40.26

System Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.2.0
Game Version JPN/USA Frame Count 128627
ROM Filename Rockman 4 Minus Infinity(v0.01)_MMC5.nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 57078
Unknown Authors tianwodeai
Game Rockman 4 Minus Infinity
Submitted by tianwodeai on 4/16/2014 7:56:23 AM

Submission Comments
This hack of Megaman 4 is different from the original Megaman 4. Weapons have new attacking mode, more hiden tools hide in different enemies or places, and we can also read a more interesting story. The enemies in this hack are originated from all of Megaman games. In this movie, I would show more tips and performance.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.0
  • Manipulate luck
  • Takes damage to save time



• Skullman, Ringman, Drillman, Dustman, Diveman, Toadman, Pharaohman, Brightman.

Weapons introduction

• spark manbow: Get from brightman. You fire lightbulbs which explode. If you hold B, the lightbulb hold on megabuster. If you push B with UP,the flash attack is done.
• toad: Get from toadman. You emit the special wave which turns the enemies. No turning enemies are damaged. The traps are also damaged. Mystery force may affect the gimmick.
• drill torpedo: Get from drillman. You fire three drills which guided to the floor or ceiling. drills pierces everything. If you push B again, you can re-fire.
• pharaoh shotgun:Get from pharaohman. You scatter bullets ahead. This is chargeble, and you can attack above you when charging. If you push B again, you can re-fire.
• holdable control ring boomerang: Get from ringman. You throw the ring shaped boomerang toward 8 direction. If you hold B, rings hold in air. Rings can catch items.
• recycle inhaler: Get from dustman. You inhale close enemies and turn it into an item. The traps are also inhaleble.Not inhalable enemies take damages. Let's inhale various things.
• water cutter: Get from diveman. You shoot out the high-pressured water toward 8 direction. If you push B again, you can re-fire. This is effective to the fire enemies.
• hell wheel: Get from skullman. You can charge to enemies with skull wheel. You can stop if you push B when running. You can turn with D-PAD.
• rush search: Same to rockman 7. Rush may dig the life energy in certain situation(boss room). It costs 9!
• rush cannon: You load Rush in megabuster and fire. When he hit the enemy or wall, grand explosion occurs. One shot from this should kill any enemy, but this may be dodged. It costs 14!
• wish star: You send the enemies to another dimension and charge them repeatedly with rush. More and more power is performed when in a pinch. It costs 28!
• wire: You throw wire hook and you can move to hung place. Throwing direction is controled by D-PAD. You can jump when rolling up wire.It costs 0!
• balloon: You generate the small balloon below. You can control the balloon on. You can fire megabuster when the balloon exists. It costs 10!
• energy splitter: All weapons are refilles when you take weapon energy. The effect isn't decreased by splitting. You seem to hear something in this unit.
• metall's helmet: This is a hard hat of a metall. For this have broken a bit when recycleing, this may be useless. This sometimes reduces damages. Once every 8 frames.


• Use the buttons A or B on the 2P to switch weapons. Pressing them at the same time can initialize the weapon.
• To reach the fastest, I selected the first level of the skullman, because the weapon can make rockman run faster.
• If a buster's bullet damages a boss, he will get a very long unbeatable time. To save more time, I would rather make critical damages than make damages as soon as possible.
• When the explosion of Rush Cannon occurs, I switch a weapon to avoid extra lags.
• Switching weapons can clean the bullets.
• When get hurt while using HELL WHEEL, jump can restore megaman's speed.
• After 3 stages finished, Megaman will get Rush Cannon. After 6 stages finished, Megaman will get Wish Star.

Stage by stage comments


• The dinasaur has 8 frames of invincibility.
• When a buster damages Skullman, he will get a 128 frames of invincibility. To make critical damages, I paused the game to wait.


• At the mid-boss room, HELL WHEEL will make heavy lags, so I used the mega-buster to give the final shot.


• At the mid-boss room, hurting the enemy before he lands can cause a fatal damage.


• At the beginning of dustman level, the transfer belts make Rockman speed up or slow down, so I jump to avoid slow down when move in opposite and run to speed up when move direct.
• Use Rush Search to enrich the energy.
• Use Rush Cannon to instant kill the boss.


• The whale can not be defeated by Cannon because Rush is being used.
• Only mega-busters can cause Enker damages.
• Use Rush Cannon to instant kill the boss.


• The stream can make Megaman move faster when he is in water.
• Use RECYCLE INHALER to defeat the toads.
• The rain can make Megaman move faster when he is over the ground.


• Pharaohman can use magic to influence Megaman, but the effects can be cleaned by TOAD.
• Use Rush Cannon to instant kill the boss.


• In Shadowman's room, jump to make the shade disperse faster.

C. level #1 BLIZZARD SKY

• Use glitch to skip the STG part.
• Use Rush Cannon to instant kill the boss.

C. Level #2 LAB MAZE

• Use 4 Rush Cannons to instant kill the boss.


• The stream can make Megaman move faster once he is in water.
• Use charged PHARAOH SHOTGUN to give the boss a crtical damage, then a Rush Cannon and a Wish Star.


• Make a double-critical damage to the enimies in east tower.
• Use Rush Cannons to instant kill Earth in north tower and Ballade in west tower.
• Mega-buster can make 2 damages to Punk in south tower while Earth and Ballade only make 1 damage.
• RESET and CONTINUE to save time.


• Seem to be nothing special.


• Use RECYCLE INHALER or TOAD to shoot the enimies who leave residues.
• The bubbles from diving metall can not be clear.


• NEW ROUTE: Drillman, Brightman, Skullman, Dustman, story room, Ringman, Diveman, Toadman, Pharaohman.
• HEAVY manipulate luck in this stage to get weapon energy.
• Use Rush Search to get a big energy while waiting boss, if energy is full, it will change to 5 points weapon energy by EXCHANGER.
• RECYCLE INHALER will make 14 damages to Wily's machine, and clear its bullets.

W. level #4 FINAL FARCE

• Use glitch to skip 2 boss-battles.
• Getting a new weapon from Blues to defeat the 8 mini-bosses is faster than using Mega-buster because critical hits are so rear that the chance is once every 256 frames.

Other comments

There are interesing shows in Skullman, Dustman, Toadman, Pharaohman, Brightman, Wily 2, Wily 4 stage. This movie is about 12,000 frames less than my privious movie, with many improvements and more glitches used.
Enker room in Diveman stage and Shadowman rooms can also be skipped by HELL WHEEL like Wily 4 stage.
screenshots: 2293, 7484, 8741, 11274, 16318, 21488, 26629, 30705, 35595, 36961, 40230, 42453, 43649, 47129, 51603, 56484, 57831, 61321, 62499, 65643, 67914, 71474, 74753, 77069, 81781, 85858, 88373, 92719, 98770, 99980, 111281, 112725, 114001, 118167, 122549, 124321, 125146, 128625
Very special thanks to mtvf1.

Nach: Judging.
Mothrayas: Added YouTube module.

Nach: Very nice improvement to existing run. Very good viewer feedback. Accepting for stars.
Ilari: Processing.

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