The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1

  • Id: 4304
  • Platforms: Flash
  • Abbreviation: tiqbch1
  • Display Name: The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1
  • Puzzle


The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1 is the first chapter of the the third installment of The Impossible Quiz Flash series of logic puzzle games. As with the previous games, you have to solve a series of questions and puzzles by often using unconventional ways of thinking, logic, and deduction. What makes this game different from the other ones is the presence of a story revolving around the "The Impossible Quiz Book", which supposedly contains the answers to every question on all the Impossible Quizzes.
For this speedy run, Mikewillplays decides to play the game at an increased gameplay frame rate of 300 fps, ten times faster than normal, in order to solve questions and button mash certain sequences faster than if the game were to be played at its intended frame rate of 30 fps.

Because YouTube is unable to display videos that are played at above 60 fps, there is an alternate encode that slows down portions of the 300 fps gameplay in order to see parts of the game that would otherwise be missed by a regular 60 fps encode.
The baseline tab shows the default movie beating the game as fast as possible without any special conditions.

Game Versions

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Unknown impossiblequizbook.swf U Flash SHA1: 0ADC65A4F1CA907CDA64420521EC1681A97BC72E
MD5: 20B64AC9BAE0F263D9B42C086D75578F