Submission #4349: Itresad's Genesis Ecco the Dolphin in 20:44.95

System Sega Genesis Emulator Gens 11b
Game Version USA Frame Count 74601
ROM Filename ECCO (U) [!].bin Frame Rate 59.922751013550524
Branch Rerecord Count 17657
Unknown Authors Itresad
Game Ecco the Dolphin
Submitted by Itresad on 6/26/2014 3:52:46 PM

Submission Comments
Ecco the Dolphin is a game where you control a fast, but not very manoeuvrable at high speed, dolphin traveling into a lot of - hostile - environment in order to save its pods.
This run improve the last one by nitsuja by using better executions, new route and mostly new glitches. As it predecessor damages are avoided, as they mostly slow down ecco, and which may give a nicer result to watch. At the same time, for entertainment purpose, a major glitch allowing to go through almost every wall using the fact that you can lock the camera at one position while moving ecco and that all element outsides the camera's view is not loaded, has been forbidden because of the possible extreme repetitiveness of a run using it in almost every level.
As explained in the previous comments many thing can be seen as mistake, useless or random action, but may not be because of the behavior of ecco. Indeed, more than the fact that ecco can go very fast in few frames but on the other hand has no way to slow down (except colliding into walls), ecco turn following a wide curve double by the fact that he turn only at precise frames. This mean that you may delay your input by few frames you will still turn at the exact same frame and position, which drastically reduce the number of possibilities. Added to this the fact that creatures behave differently depending on parameters like your position, speed or other things, executing a level in a perfect way is hardly conceivable.
Finally the two last level (which are auto-scroller) are played without killing any enemies, which is possible thanks to the limit of two vortex drone on screen at the same time, even if the levels as not been thought for being played this way. (Last remark contrary at we may think, pressing C (acceleration button) at each frame is not optimal holding C for 11 frames.)
Notable Differences :
  • Medusa Bay : exit the level using a glitch with the sonar map which occurs when ecco is at the opposite side of the exit in a level near of the limit of the screen.
  • The Lagoon : Clip into a wall at the beginning using a glitch that occur when aiming a creature (when charging) while being at the limit of a current.
  • Ridge Water : Clip into two wall. One at the beginning of the level using a variation of the previous glitch, and the other one right after due to level design error.
  • Hard Water : Enter in a wall just before the end of the level due to missing collisions of the wall.
  • Island Zone : Skip the key glyph because the glyph that block the exit can be by-passed.
  • Marble Sea : skip the use of a pushable block to get through the current using instead the speed given by the auto-aiming when charging enemies.
  • Deep City : Use the sonar glitch at middle of the level to end it earlier.
  • Jurassic Beach : Finish the level earlier due to a missing wall leading directly to the exit.
  • Pteranodon Pond : Use a glitch that allow Ecco to be released by the pteranodon when releasing all buttons in order to be thrown into a wall teleporting ecco at the default position of the pteranodon and so clip into wall.
I hope that you will enjoy.

Solarplex : Added Temp Video Encode.
feos: Accepting to obsolete the existing run, with blank branch. Publishing...

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