Submission #4403: gbreeze's GBA Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World in 09:55.84

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA v24 svn480
Game Version JPN Frame Count 35588
ROM Filename Super Mario Advance 2 - Super Mario World (J).gba Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Rerecord Count 24516
Unknown Authors gbreeze
Game Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World
Submitted by gbreeze on 8/12/2014 6:21:49 PM

Submission Comments
This is a TAS of Super Mario Advance 2, the GBA port of Super Mario World. This beats the previous record here on TASvideos by 890 frames. However, the fastest previous run is actually my old rejected run. This TAS beats that run by 391 frames. Since my old TAS is more recent and optimized, I will be comparing this run to my old one in the level by level comments.

Why the Japanese version?

The Japanese version is actually 59 frames faster than any other version, due to less lag in the title screen. I’m not sure if this counts as an improvement, but I’ll count it anyway in the level by level comments.

Differences between SMA2 and SMW SNES.

  • Block duplication is impossible (so no yoshi coin exits)
  • Dropped items do not retain their x velocity
  • Jumping off an item causes Mario to lose his x velocity (this is why I don't jump off the p-switch in Iggy's castle)
  • Items have a longer “waiting period” after they come out of boxes before you can grab them
  • There is no other run button, so spinning and turning around while flying is done by releases the run button for a certain number of frames
  • Most item swap glitches are impossible (Yoshi drop swap is the only item swap apparently possible, but it's useless in the any%)
  • The stun glitch is impossible (along with the double tongue glitch)
  • There is much less lag, which is why this TAS appears to be so fast compared to the SNES version
  • Keeping flying status through doors is impossible

Level by level comments (total frames saved over my old run) {total frames saved over Masterjun’s}

Title Screen

Using the Japanese version saves 59 frames (59) {59}.

Yoshi’s Island 2

No change (59) {59}.

Yoshi’s island 3

Corner boosting saves 1 frame. 1 frame of lag is saved in the level transition (61) {61}.

Yoshi’s Island 4:

I managed to optimize the shell jump by 1 frame (62) {77}.


By being small Mario, I could go further on the spin jump in the first room, saving 8 frames. In the auto scrolling room, I was somehow able to enter the door 1 frame earlier. The Iggy fight is improved by 1 frame. In the SNES version, it is faster to hold the jump button in the beginning of the fight; in this version, it has no effect (72) {105}.

Donut Plains 1

I improved obtaining the feather and optimized keyhole entry to save 6 frames (78) {113}.

Donut Secret 1

When approaching the first pipe, I was able to save 1 frame by changing Mario’s swimming oscillation from the usual 17/15 to 17/16. This is seen in the current SNES any% as well. Note that in the next room, it is impossible to drop the red shell and start flight (as seen in the SNES any%) because of the way items fall in this version. In the next area, I saved 2 frames with a new strategy to cape spin the fish by the pipe. I also used a new strategy at the end, which saves 5 frames (the reason I had to use this strategy was because hitting the block with a cape spin causes you to loose time, since you have to wait longer to grab the key). Finally, I changed my swimming oscillation from 33/31 to 33/32 at the keyhole to save 1 frame (89) {161}.

Donut Secret House

Rather than flying through the stairs like before, I was able to slide through the stairs instead, saving 14 frames. This glitch is more precise; x position must have a small increase at a gap in the stairs. This means that x speed can be no greater than 47. Unfortunately, I had bad luck with the boo buddies in the next room, and I had to lose 5 frames to avoid them (entering the door later did not change where they spawned). Corner clipping the blocks saves 2 frames. I also turn around while grabbing the p-switch, as seen in the SNES any%, to save 3 frames (103) {327}.

Star Road

Unfortunately, I lost 3 frames due to the star warp frame rule (100) {324}.

Star Road 1

I saved 4 frames by optimizing jumping through the first set of turnblocks. In the next set, I optimize the wallcatch to save 1 frame. 5 frames were saved by using a new smashola glitch strategy (111) {417}.

Star Road 2

I optimized the ending to save 8 frames (119) {452}.

Star Road 3

In this level, the SNES any% route is actually impossible, since Mario can’t gain enough height to hit the block with an item (or doublegrab items). I also can’t jump as soon as I gain running speed, since I can’t gain enough height. I was able to jump 2 frames earlier than my old run. I optimized the cape spin to hit the block 4 frames earlier. I also saved 2 frames by swooping before getting the key (127) {473}.

Star Road 4

I reach 51 speed as soon as possible while still being able to grab a shell to get a feather. I lose 32 frames by grabbing the feather. I saved 1 frame by optimizing the end (96) {473}.

Star Road

3 frames are saved on the overworld (99) {475}.

Front Door

I optimized the very beginning by 1 frame. In the next room, I have to use a different strategy to keep my feather, so I lose 25 frames. In the spikes room, I lose 1 frame, since I was unable to 6/5 with a cape. I also lose time in the dark room by grabbing the reserve feather, but I made up some time by flying (64) {467}.

Bowser fight

The majority of time saved is here. Using the cape saves 327 frames over the old run. I also use the new SNES any% strategy, which involves manipulating Bowser phases. Hitting Bowser at a certain frame prevents him from dropping a second Big Steelie (391) {890}.

Useful Addresses

  • X speed: 03003F95
  • X position: 03003FBC
  • Y position: 03003FC0

Suggested Screenshots

20150, 21713, 35411

Nach: This version of SMW has several bugs fixed, so it can serve as a non-arbitrary way to make runs without using certain glitches. Feedback is good, accepting to replace existing run.

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