Submission #4499: Archanfel's Genesis Mr. Nutz "100%" in 41:51.60

Console Sega Genesis Emulator Gens Rerecording v11c
Game Version Europe Frame Count 124830
ROM Filename Mr. Nutz (E) [!].bin Frame Rate 49.70146011994842
Branch 100% Rerecord Count 0
Unknown Authors Archanfel
Game Mr. Nutz
Submitted by Archanfel on 11/30/2014 12:22:38 AM

Submission Comments
This is 100% completion, with, if you interested in to see Any% completion - check this submission.
This game have hundreds of secrets, but most of them are skipped in any% speedrun. So i wanted to raise the curtain and demonstrate full potential of this wonderful game with collecting all 1729 coins.

Stage by Stage

World 1 – Woody Land

Woody Land 1

Extra level 1

Woody Land 2

After coin #41. Get vertical damage boots on flower and climb up without using hedgehog.

Extra level 2

Woody Land 3

Near with coins #67-68, keep two spiders alive to use them on back way, more effectively as small shortcut. Spider before coins #101-112 is required precise jump, to pass under him without slow down speed. Before (and after) coins #116-125 there is a trick i not sure how to classify - it is very small zip or very big corner boots, but anyway it helped to save some frames.

Extra level 3

Before two moving platforms, Mr. Nutz must jump higher to delay their loading and be able to pass them in the first cycle.

Woody Land 4

Route for coins #152-158 took some time for testings, because two best variants had only about 10 frames difference. After coin #161, long jump through spikes at full speed is quite tricky. Knowledge that it is was possible in SNES TAS was helpful. At end of level during massacre of the fairies i used 2 corner boots.

Mr. Spider

Awesome music, it one of reasons why i prefer Genesis. Also there are no pointless dialogues before fight, interesting that dialogue itself is absent, but in place where it taking place in SNES slowdown pause still exist in Genesis. Boss is very simple to kill. I can say it is the most honest boss in game, he never leaves the screen and always can be attacked.

World 2 – Adventure Park

Adventure Park 1

Many groups of coins in this level are quite interesting to optimise (many opportunities). I very like part with hammers while collecting #29-39. Even first coins in this world #1-8 is not so simple as it seems. Using vertical damage boots at bird. After button, before coin#134 long jump. Coins #163-176 took a lot of routes testing, 6 routes at least. Using ricochet from rubbercube to get coins #40-45 faster. Near with coins #177-179, keep little mole alive to use him on back way to secret exit.

Mini level inside old tree

Collecting some coins by tail (face-backward) allowed to do a bit lower jumps. Btw this mini-level impossible to complete 100% without using tail-attack (coins #46-47 unreachable). It is the only such one place in game.

Extra level 1

Go forward and start loading rope as soon as possible and only then go back and collect coins. Ignore pressing button at the end.

Adventure Park 2

Very precise jump to reach ladybird after coins #282-283. A several tricks vertical damage boots.

Adventure Park 3

Coins #349-373 was the most complicated route planning in the whole game, i tested at least 12 different routes. Unusual damage trick after coin #354 to reach Y-position and to load butterfly below earlier it is pretty useful. Small (at least comparing to any%) shortcut with bird to get key earlier.


During skulls attack possible to get damage and to hit witch earlier. But even if do it, still about 15 frames not enough to be able kill her faster before she will leaves the screen, so i not did this pointless damage, because it not save time.

World 3 – Witch’s house & Sink

The living room

Activated trigger of exit to the roof by tail (face backward).


Fowl kitchen

Get vertical damage boots at chicken. Get 2 HP damage and save 1 rope cycle.


It definitely hardest part of game. Health and hazelnuts are very limited in this world. To use hazelnut-weapon or not to use? To get damage or avoid or wait? Each such small decision has very long lasting effects. Nearly each swimming had very thin boundary between life and death which will affect to Health/Hazelnuts management. And without deep optimization it was impossible to make ideal decision, sometimes 1-2 frames can make difference. Fortunately game is sync perfectly, so was possible to make changes in the previous level without redoing next one.

Sink 1

The first swimming already very hard to pass without using hazelnuts, i was glad to succeed. То move sponge to create boat is very long so to get coins #53-58 faster need to jump in poisoned water and get 2 HP damage. Closer to the end of level, at climbing up soap platforms, there is double benefit of getting damage, at first to get vertical damage boots and reach higher soap and also to pass thru a jet of water from the tap during period of invincibility. Btw each 50 coins give Mr.Nutz +1 Hp.

Sink 2

Coin #198 was notable pain in ass. To get this coin and catch the rope simultaneously, require a lot of sufferings. Fortunately corner boots underwater gave more than 2 frames, so it was worth to get extra hazelnut, kill electric fish and get corner boots.

Sink 3

Used the same OoB route as in any%, But now it is less effective, because need to get some coins and zip can not be used. Underwater speed is very slow so Mr.Nutz doomed to go back normal reality from glitched water. To do it Mr. Nutz must float to the surface from any real water (no mater clean water or poisoned). Interesting that while he in glitchy state - poisoned water can not damage.

Extra level

Mr. Octopus

World 4 – Volcano Underpass & Clouds

Probably Volcano Underpass levels are the most entertainment part of game, many beautiful shortcuts with using bats.

Volcano Underpass 1

Two shortcuts with using bats. First the same as used in Any% to reach coins #23-34. Second one is to pass big hammer a bit faster.

Volcano Underpass 2

After coin #81 moved a bit righter to reload flying-blue-beast. After coin #86 used bat to reach secret path inside the wall as shortcut.

Extra level 1

Volcano Underpass 3

Three coins #212-214 are located in a deep pit. I used "ladder" with flying-blue-beast and two bats to escape from this pit, back to upper path. Before and after coins #243-253 used zipping trick twice. On back way, while Mr. Nutz was off screen he lured another bat to use it as shortcut to secret exit.

Extra level 2


Ograoum Papas

World 5 – Circus

Mean Streets 1

Normal route to warp gate. Bumblebee shortcut from any% not used because needed to collect other coins below. I not even touched hamburgers during long jumping chain on bumblebees for entertainment. While collecting with using flying device was enough difficult to choose perfect moment. To dive deeper and get coins-arrow #133-140. Also coins "NICE" took some time to do it nice.

Mean Streets 2

Mean Streets 3

Only one complicated place, after coin#361, is to climb up on the tree as soon as possible. I used hedgehog + bird to do it. Also closer to the end was enough difficult corner boots with bird assistance, Mr. Nutz usually collided with wall and lose saved time, but finally he find proper jump and keep them these 2 frames.

Little clown

World 6 – Ice Scream & Frozen Nutz areas

Ice Scream (1)

Awesome parallax scrolling.


Penguin and Chukchi-hunter is necessary to kill to do first zip successfully, not enough hazelnuts so i killed them by tail. Coins #24-51 had a bit problems. After zipping a few coins not wanted to appear, but i force them appear.

Ice Scream (2)

Very simple level. It so easy to get frame perfect solution that in Any% run i even re-do this level without coins. In reality after last World there are no countdown screen so avoiding coins was not affected to final time, but i did it just to maintain tradition.

Frozen Nutz 1

Used the same shortcut with Chukchi javelin as in Any% only go to the secret exit instead of normal.

Extra level

One corner is difficult to get corner boots, thin jump from penguin needed.

Frozen Nutz 2

The last coins in the game #165-173. It is easy to get them all on the ground. But i had idea that in ideal it would be a bit faster to get them still standing on platform. However diametrically opposite coins almost impossible to catch without leaving down from this platform. Only tail attack in specific position with frame-perfect reaction helped to succeed. That was difficult 12 frames.

Mr. Blizzard

Get damage to stop input earlier, last fatal hit to Mr. Blizzard was done with vertical damage boots effect.

Special thanks

  • DaTeL237 (once again) for his any% TAS. Many tricks from amy% are useful in 100%.
  • ElectroSpecter for giving me his WIP for SNES Mr. Nutz 100% TAS which he started a few years ago. It had only a half of World 1, but anyway it was helpful.
  • LeHulk1 (YouTube user) for SNES Mr. Nutz 100% Speedrun. His speedrun was helpful at preparatory phase of planning.
  • Felipe for his Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "PERFECT BONUS" submission.

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