Submission #4500: KusogeMan's SNES Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie in 27:28.75

Console Super NES Emulator Lsnes rr1-Δ18ε3
Game Version USA Frame Count 99088
ROM Filename Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie.smc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 15056
Unknown Authors KusogeMan
Game Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
Submitted by KusogeMan on 12/1/2014 4:01:05 AM

Submission Comments
ANY% tas, hard mode
It's also a Girl Power TAS, because women are faster in this game.
Their collision boxes aren't as interesting as some of the other characters,
but since u want to morph as soon as possible,
none of this matters after you farm, when all are equal.
The idea is to morph and receive the damage boost and ceiling grab powers. The backflip's slow as hell, even if invincible. There's some guys I kill to advance the screen (this is usually when one of the rangers covers the left part of the screen).
STAGE 1 has a lot of things to wait for: cars and bikers. Most of the time breaking a wall involves jumpin on the last hit so i can move as soon as it is destroyed and no longer obstructs (unless i have more obstructions later). Mirror Maniac is pushed back as fast as I can so he can receive a very timing-specific infinite combo in the face. In the start, mashing will get you through the OoBs combo but after a while he tends to escape easily, you can't restart punching as soon as possible but if u wait 1 frame he stays there getting hit.
STAGE 2 I throw the bombs back; tried to manipulate all of them, but found out they take too much time to actually hit the guys back in most cases. (They have already shot many bombs before they die.)
Boss has a sweetspot in those spikes in real time, where u can stand, jump and hit. I don't need it so I just rock back and forth while punching; the best place to hit him is on the lower platform. A buddy noticed a missed punch cause of lag, but delaying the punch kills the pink ranger.
STAGE 3 Morphed just for fun, it's what I can do to entertain you in the autoscroller. Morphing before the boss is useless since I won't have time to fill the meter but I did anyway. The boss will teleport if he isn't committed to a move yet, hence the reason why I kept not hitting him in the first frame he's vulnerable but the first attacking frame. I couldn't get him to do the correct attacks at the first possibility so I just made him start over with the upattack (the one that juggles him into another lane).
STAGE 4 Morphin freezes time, so I use it to kill the midboss (I'll have do it anyway sometime). It also gives invincibility and replenishes life, which is also exploited sometimes. You can jump with the other character to move a little while morphing. Simultaneous jumping and attacking destroyed the boss.
STAGE 5 Long as hell stage. There was luck manipulation on the first part to make sure the robots drop BIG power cores. I only lose a few frames and it's better than farming along the way, which requires more enemies and more positioning for the drops.
In the second part not only the platforms of this game, but now the robots and smashing pillars have wonky collision boxes. Don't be fooled by the video/sprites, as they're much bigger and I couldn't get better chances of jumping around them.
Did you notice the burger gave me invincibility on the third part?
Silver horn is manipulated to take 3 or more hits. If attacked too soon he only takes 1 hit.
STAGE 6 Midboss is retarded. I can hit twice with the same attack, I don't even know what it's supposed to do.
Main frame has so much invincibility between each hit. I just need to him once in each jump (I tested many jump heights), and he won't attack if you're always hitting him on the first frame he's vulnerable.
FINAL STAGE Ivan OOOOOze starts with the most exploitable attack only after he has been hit a lot.
Our girls end up suffering from depression after killing so many people so fast, so they just break down while enemies kill them and the robot rescues them. After that,those sexist lazy partners of theirs appear to rob them of their glory.
Thanks guys ;)

Nach: Decent run for an incredibly slow game. Good audience response. Accepting as first run for this game.

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