Submission #4513: mamuuuut, mtvf1's Arcade Metal Slug : Super Vehicle-001 in 10:44.88

Console Arcade Emulator fba-rr-v007
Game Version World Frame Count 38693
ROM Filename Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 23483
Unknown Authors mamuuuut, mtvf1
Game Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001
Submitted by mamuuuut on 12/9/2014 5:50:29 PM

Submission Comments
Metal is a horizontal-scrolling, parodistic World War II...well, you know!

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: fba-rr-v007
  • 2 players
  • Hardest difficulty
  • Aims for fastest no death time
  • Heavy luck manipulation


(i really try my best to avoid them all the time, trust me, but the movie can desync in mission 3 paratroopers/danger barrel, and in final mission on the will not trigger credits ^^' will provide a savestate if it needed).
Use this savestate you can prevent the desync in last mission.
DOWNLOAD The same youtube encode, This youtube link subtitle's time is 10:53.82 @59.18fps.

Damage table

Hheavy machine gun10
Rrocket launcher50
Fflame shot10/2f(every 2 frames dmg once)
bomb100+1bomb's smoke power is 1
Slug explosion600+1/2fslug rush, every 2 frames take 1 dmg
cannon100+61cannon's smoke power is 1+10+50

Stage by stage comments


Nothing special...
Rapid Bombs don't work on Tetsuyuki(HP:2900) at a moment due to his canon position.
Manipulation to reach the rapport screen earlier.


Manipulate luck to have the 2 prisoners at same place to get Bombs faster.
Manipulation for paratroopers positions.
Manipulate Mini-Bata(HP:2100) for make him go to the right to minimize his dying animation.
Flying Tara trick.
Manipulate Hairbuster Riberts(HP:8550)spawn .
Manipulate the 2nd spawn for missiles patttern.
Wait a few frames to let him end his pattern and show Morden, who is needed to finish Riberts.


Manipulation for paratroopers positions.
Manipulation for R-Shobu position.
Manipulate luck to get H and Bombs.
Manipulate Allen O'Neil spawn and patterns.
Manipulation to have "special zoom" death.
Manipulate Girida-O position.
Manipulate Tani Oh(HP:4000) position and patterns.
Manipulation to reach the rapport screen earlier..


Bonus stage, nothing hard here.
Adjustment to bounce under Karn(HP:2200).
Adjustment to land on the rope when Shoe(HP:2400) can't kill you.
Manipulation to reach the rapport screen earlier.


Bonus stage too when know the amo house secret.
Iron Nokana(hp:4100) is quite strange, you need to take 4090HP and wait for about 1200 frames to finish him.
Keep slug for entertainment with invincibility.


Manipulate luck (wait lots of frames, near 20) to get S.
Manipulate soldiers wich skip a Girida-O fight
Manipulate Flying Tara squadron position+trick.
Manipulation to have Bikers pattern wich skip a Girida-O fight.
Manipulate Flying Tara squadron position+trick.
R-shobu 1hit kill by damge on Eaca-B.
Manipulate Hi-Do(HP:12000) position and patterns (minimize lag).
Wait for finish him like boss 5 and 3

Glitch and trick

Don't shoot enemy at the same time.

Any enemies can be hit only once in every 2 frames, except for mission2's boats.

Press down to cancel.

Usually you can throw the bombs or shoot once in every 8 frames. If you press down to cancel the shoot, you can fire the next quickly, evety 4 frames 1 shoot.


quick thanks before better form to mtvf1,coolkirby,x2poet
the record count is low but it is "only" a file where i manually copy paste wip input and adjustment/desync

Nach: Since feos managed to get this to sync, Good feedback. It's mind-boggling how you managed to improve it like this. Accepting as improvement to existing run.
feos: Yeah.

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