Submission #4677: DennisBalow's N64 Super Smash Bros. in 05:25.43

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Nintendo 64
mupen64-rr 8
All Star! Dairantou Smash Brothers (J) [!].n64
Submitted by DennisBalow on 4/28/2015 6:23:24 PM
Submission Comments
Here we go after 5 years there is a new Super Smash Bros 64 run. I decided to make a new one because it was a pain to see the old TAS so unoptimized and i really had the motivation to start a new one, and here it is.
To avoid desync i recommend to playback to movie file on the "mupen64-rerecording v8" version. The video plugin i used for the encode was "Glide64'Napalm WX' release 1" it's the best plugin for Super Smash Bros 64, and removes a lot of graphic errors + your characters bright if they get hit by an attack. But hope you enjoy the TAS.

A few information's about the TAS:

  • I used the Japanese rom because, Kirby's movements is in the Japanese version faster compared to the English American one, (walking, jumping, falling etc)
  • I took damage to avoid getting extra points, so i saved at the end one extra window + a few frames each time i found a good chance to take damage, but obviously it's not faster everywhere of course.
  • I set the timer from having 5 minutes to infinite time, to avoid getting extra points for having time left after a match + the next fight starts faster.
I am pretty satisfied with the end result, i saved over 30 seconds to my old TAS record from 2009 by better RNG manipulation like Yoshi Team, Fox, Kirby Team, Metal Mario, Polygons and Master Hand + more optimization, a few strategies looks similar to the old record, but small changes saved often like 20 frames, example Mario Bros match or Samus, the fights are using similar ways but through some movement changes i could manage to save time though. I'd like to post a chart with the time differences to my old TAS record, but unfortunately i lost the .m64 file over the years.
This match didn't use any different movement compared to the old TAS record. Only better optimization.
Yoshi Team
In this fight i saved most time by better RNG manipulation for the appears, with different movements and positions you can manipulate in which site the Yoshi will enter the area.
This fight was really a pain, it took forever to manipulate Fox to make the right movements to get a chance to kill him fast. Difference compared to the old record is that i switched Kirby's face direction for the Final Cutter technique.
Break the Targest
Committed suicide to save time.
Mario Bros
I think this fight is the best part of the TAS. I re-did this fight without joking like 5 times until i was satisfied, and i saved a lot of time to the old record, + i found out different attacks saved a bunch of time.
On this battle i didn't change anything, same RNG manipulation that Pikachu runs immediately to me.
Giant Donkey Kong
Oh Giant Donkey Kong, this fight is complete different, the old strat was to suck Giant Donkey Kong with Kirby's B attack and standing on the corner and wait until a computer is pushing you of the ledge, but i figured out with my brother that it's a lot faster if Giant Donkey Kong commit suicide. Also is this the first battle where i found a good chance for taking damage, and to reduce to get extra points
Board the Platforms
Committed suicide to save time.
Kirby Team
A painful fight, unfortunately you can't kill Mario Kirby first, because he won't die if you go and take care of him first.(Kirby's won't die if you attack them in the middle of the stage.) But i am satisfied with the RNG manipulation and the movement here.
In this fight i am using the exact same movement to kill Samus, i just saved a few frames by avoiding some hits with Kirby's down A attack in the air, before Samus hits the poison lava.
Metal Mario
This is a fight where i am really unsure if the RNG manipulation is good, i tested a lot of stuff to make Metal Mario move from the platform but it's really harder than it looks like, i came with the strat that he is leaving his platform really fast, when you're walking slowly to the ledge instead of jumping or running. This was the best manipulation i could do.
Race to the Finish
It's not a secret that Kirby isn't the fastest character if it comes to running. But it's pretty forgiving, since he finishes the battles faster than the others.
Polygon Team
Like at Metal Mario, a painful battle to TAS, the fight is fast, but Jigglypuff, Kirby, Pikachu, and Ness Polygons flying often out of the stage and dying as a star in the background if you hit them to high in the air, that's why my movement looks sometimes pretty weird.
Just perfect. Killed him in 2 turns. I didn't expect that the fight would looks so awesome at the end.

Nach: Very nice run, it's so fast, you can hardly believe it. Some feedback was mixed, but in the end, it seems this is entertaining enough for its length. Accepting as an alternate fastest run for this game.
feos: Pub.
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