Submission #4723: happy_mario, TEHH_083's Windows Syobon Action "World 2" in 02:10.70

Console Windows Emulator Hourglass - r81
Game Version JPN Frame Count 3921
ROM Filename しょぼんのアクション.exe Frame Rate 30
Branch World 2 Rerecord Count 5041
Unknown Authors happy_mario, TEHH_083
Game Syobon Action
Submitted by happy_mario on 6/14/2015 12:15:55 PM

Submission Comments
Also known as Cat Mario, Syobon Action is an extremely difficult mario-clone platformer that usually takes many tries to complete. This run aims to do so in the fastest possible time.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used Hourglass - r81
  • Fastest Time For Real
  • No Deaths
  • Forbid “x2 speed” (set FPS to 30)
  • Use select-state key (Number key 5) to start from World 2
As Fortranm said, pressing number buttons at the title screen is the only way to access levels 5 to 8 (World 2).


When you want to watch it in Hourglass, please set FPS to 30, System Time to 1, App Locale to Force Japanese locale, Multithreading Mode to Wrap, Multimedia Timer Mode to Synchronous, Message Sync Mode to Semi-Synchronous and Wait Sync Mode to Synchronous Skip. If you couldn't run this movie or often crashed, please choose Disable DirectSound Creation to repair it. It may help solving this problem.
MD5 :5D4438D6FC03DD4B08F965D44327CB28
SHA1 :19E3BF1DDED568389F6AFB2CE4DC75BAA825E141
Firstly let me introduce the game version:
【v0.8 official version】 editor: z_gundam_tanosii
【v0.8 extended version (World 1 & 2)】 editor: Kazuki Okawa
【v0.8 extended version (SE replaced by smb3)】
【v0.81 bug repaired】 Kazuki Okawa (used this video)
Other versions of this game created a new cross-platform port instead of adding the stages into the official version, so I won' t list them.
Secondly, I would like to thank my friend Hu, who have provided me with many technical supports, so I can create this movie. Also, I would like to thank l4m2, because he came up with an important suggestion - the System Time in this game, which helped me saved more than 50 frames. Last, all my thanks go to the website and the warm-hearted staffs.
Two years ago, I have said that I would use the 4 stage version instead of an extended one, because the official site only has this version. Also, a source claims that Syobon Action only has 4 stages, implying that the extended version is a fan-game.
However, it seems that the World 2 stages are more popular than World 1, according to a popular Japanese barrage video website "". There is no doubt that the extended stages are more difficult than ever, which can be incredibly impossible to complete in real playing. So I tried hard to work out them, And two years later, my efforts paid off. (Actually the real working time is about 3 months)

Glitches & Tricks

Wall Jumping

With enough horizontal speed, you can clip slightly into a wall for a short time. Then simply hold onto the jump button (Z or UP) to jump again once inside the wall. In this one jumping frame, you can be invincible. If you are lucky, you can jump on the wall at full speed. Used a lot of times in stage 2-2, 2-3(when the cat is out of the sight) and 2-4.

Pass Through the Wall Quickly

With a small horizontal speed (often opposite the wall), you can not clip a wall but go into it. Then simply hold onto the Left arrow key to be pushed forward, so that you can save a lot of time. Used in stage 2-4.

Quick Turn

To turn quickly, bump into a wall for 1 frame then immediately turn around. It's faster than turning without bumping into a wall. Used plenty of times.

Jump Higher/lower

If you want to pass a crowded terrain, you should control your speed, not so fast, to lower your jump, save your time as well. If you want to climb a high obstacle, of course you should speed up to make a high jump.

Stage by stage comments


Frankly speaking, the way I passed this stage is abnormal. In general, We should control the hedgehog to the end of the stage, let it eat a mushroom to break the wall, then complete the stage. However, it is apparently slow. So I overcame the biggest problem in the end of the stage and tried my fast to go through it.


In the second screen my friend Hu had a big improvement in the turtle place, which used the trick above. When you watch the movie you will simply notice it.


The best improvement was the upside route. There is only one jumping choice to pass through the high wall (which you cannot see) but I managed to it.


The marvelous hard stage. You see, I tried thousands of times to adjust my route, It' s difficult to explain my work. The highlight is the double wall passing in the third screen. (In the middle of the third screen I stopped for a while to perform a swing dance, actually, the aim was to make a time difference so that I could pass the next obstacle)


(For reference only, Hourglass itself has a tool called RAM watch, but there is some differences between RAM Watch and Bizhawk, so you can just type the addresses and choose "two types" in the RAM watch.)
Syobon Action
System: Windows
Domain Address Data Type Signed Endian Description
System Bus 6304540 Word Signed Big X pixel (v0.8.1)
System Bus 6304544 Word Signed Big Y pixel
System Bus 6304560 Word Signed Big X speed
System Bus 6304564 Word Signed Big Y speed
System Bus 6304566 Word Signed Big up/down
System Bus 6304612 Word Signed Big run/jump

Other comments

The BGM (Background Game music) is too bad, it seemed that the editor of this extended game have compressed the music file from .ogg to .wav but accidently damaged the file. So I have repaired the BGM, and upload my file (I don' t know whether it is allowed).!436&authkey=!AKZFp_KlFCgiVPI&ithint=file%2czip (repaired SE)
Regardless of whether the video will be accepted, I think this video represents the friendship between Hu and me, as well as the precious time of my senior school. As long as you enjoy it, just fine.
By the way, the game actually has 9 stages (World 1, World 2 & slippery stage 9, but they can't connect each other) and a random mode (Number Key 0). I think that stage 9 is not worthwile to submit, maybe I will upload the run of it to WIPs.


ars4326: Judging underway!
ars4326: Hello, Happy_mario and Tehh_083. To address the syncing issues brought up in the thread, we've confirmed that the run does sync on the intended OS (Win XP) with Hourglass and the settings listed, above. As for the game title being an apparent unofficial version or fan-game, the site's movie rules allow non-official games to be submitted; provided gameplay is unique and the submission meets a higher criteria of scrutiny. In particular, this version has a strong viewer count on niconico (as does the official published version, as well), in addition to offering a unique level layout from its predecessor. As for the run itself, thread feedback expressed that it was an entertaining watch and enjoyable (and certainly had an 'I Wanna Be the Guy' vibe to it!).
Accepting to Moons, alongside the published run!
feos: Pub.

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