Submission #4731: Gay's A2600 Airlock in 01:51.68

System Atari 2600 Emulator BizHawk 1.9.4
Game Version any Frame Count 6692
ROM Filename Airlock (1982) (Data Age) (DA1004).bin Frame Rate 59.9227510135505
Branch Rerecord Count 406
Unknown Authors Gay
Game Airlock
Submitted by Gay on 6/21/2015 8:46:51 PM

Submission Comments
Player Airlock: Gay, Spanish racer.
Use presentation of Atari emulation.
Problems making the race:
You have to be perfect when dodging enemies, or you die. This is a complicated issue. So use frame advance to perfect dodge.


Zip fast through the block, if not holding an address, go fast through it.

Potential improvements:

I think the race can improoved. Maybe find more places to use zip mistake.

I saw a sprint on YouTube was fast, but not as good. because I use the zip mistake and does not.

Mothrayas: Replaced movie file with a 507-frame improvement.
Mothrayas: Replaced movie file with a fixed version that clears all levels.
ars4326: How's it going, man? Let's get this judged!
ars4326: Hello, Gay. This run looks well-optimized, and had nice usage of zipping. I can tell in the thread that you put extra effort into further optimizations, and even went ahead and completed the extra level. All other questions concerning possible improvements seem to be answered, too. Accepting for Vault!
Fog: Processing...

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