Submission #4742: Akse's DOOM The Ultimate Doom "Episode 4" in 02:35.76

Episode 4
GLBoom-Plus Beta
* Skill 3 * 1 players
Submitted by Akse on 7/1/2015 11:49 AM
Submission Comments
Ultimate Doom - Episode 4 in 2:15.
This TAS was finished in 22 nov 2014.
  • Aims for in-game time instead of real time
    • Contains speed/entertainment trade-offs
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Heavy glitch abuse
  • Heavy luck manipulation
This run uses Skill 4, Ultra-Violence. This is the most common skill level used in the Doom speedrunning and TAS community.

Recorded with

GLBoom-Plus / GLBoom-Plus Beta & Doom Replay Editor 2.0 custom


1. The original Ultimate Doom v1.9. Use the following command line: "doom.exe -playdemo e4dq-215.lmp"
2. Prboom 2.2.3 (or later version): "prboom.exe -iwad doom.wad -playdemo e4dq-215.lmp"
3. Eternity engine: "Eternity.exe -iwad doom.wad -playdemo e4dq-215.lmp"

Quick level by level comments

E4M1 - Hell Beneath

I lost 2 secs by grabbing the Rocket Launcher but it will benefit me later. Red key is picked up through the fence. Rocket jump is used to reach the "red door" faster.

E4M2 - Perfect Hatred

Monsters's positions is manipulated. BFG is picked up through the wall. SR50 jump to the ending area. RNG is manipulated to deal good damage and move cacos out of my way.

E4M3 - Sever The Wicked

Lost soul's position is manipulated. Rocket jump straight to the exit.

E4M4 - Unruly Evil

Bar glide trick is used in order to exit faster.

E4M5 - They Will Repent

Monsters and their positions has been manipulated. Exit button is pressed from above.

E4M6 - Against Thee Wickedly

RNG is manipulated to deal maximum damage. Thing boost trick is used to reach the final area faster.

E4M7 - And Hell Followed

SR50 jump to the exit platform. Exit button is pressed from above.

E4M8 - Unto The Cruel

Rocket jump to the final area. RNG is manipulated to kill the boss with one charge. Flying skulls's position is manipulated. Another RJ straight to the exit.
E4M1 - Hell Beneath0:15.9117%14%0%
E4M2 - Perfect Hatred0:09.8310%27%33%
E4M3 - Sever the Wicked0:07.516%0%0%
E4M4 - Unruly Evil0:26.4325%43%0%
E4M5 - They Will Repent0:21.9112%0%0%
E4M6 - Against Thee Wickedly0:21.6316%0%0%
E4M7 - And Hell Followed0:09.576%0%0%
E4M8 - Unto the Cruel0:27.7133%16%0%

Truncated: I'll handle it. Judging!

Truncated: Nice work. I will accept this for moons category. Especially the two first levels are hilarious to watch knowing how hard they actually are.
While looking through DSDA for comparisons I found a very slightly faster (0.09 seconds) movie for E4M7, which seems to be because it takes the corners better. If this episode is ever improved, that should be looked into. I realize that the Doom community has traditionally only cared about whole seconds, but here we are a bit more petty. (There are also faster movies for E4M1 and E4M2, but there are good reasons for that, namely that picking up the rocket launcher and BFG saves more time in later levels.)
feos: Pub.
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