Submission #4756: NitroGenesis's DS You Have to Burn the Rope DS in 00:25.87

Console Nintendo DS Emulator DeSmuME_0.9.11_x86
Game Version unknown v1.1 Frame Count 1548
ROM Filename YouHaveToBurnTheRopeDS.nds Frame Rate 59.82609828808082
Branch Rerecord Count 459
Unknown Authors NitroGenesis
Game You Have to Burn the Rope DS
Submitted by NitroGenesis on 7/8/2015 8:59:45 PM

Submission Comments
Oh. Yeah. The rope is burned 13 frames quicker thanks to increased precision.
Plot of the Game
With the nation embroiled in still another year with the high death count of Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln brings the full measure of his passion, humanity and political skill to what would become his defining legacy: to end the war and permanently abolish slavery through the 13th Amendment. Having great courage, acumen and moral fortitude, Lincoln pushes forward to compel the nation, and those in government who oppose him, to aim toward a greater good for all mankind.
Suggested Screenshot
I went to google "man burning alive" to find a hilarious screenshot but my mom came in my room and grounded me forever! Damn it, mom.
Author's Comments
I don't know, let's framewhore this thing. Any takers?

Noxxa: fucks sake
Noxxa: Ahem. Judging...
Noxxa: Replaced file with an 11 frame improvement, and accepting as an improvement to the published movie. Again.
Guga: Processing...

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