Submission #4794: Soig's Genesis Ghostbusters in 20:40.45

Console Sega Genesis Emulator Gens 11b
Game Version JPN/USA,r0 Frame Count 74331
ROM Filename Ghostbusters (W) (REV00) [!].gen Frame Rate 59.922751013550524
Branch Rerecord Count 20405
Unknown Authors Soig
Game Ghostbusters
Submitted by Soig on 8/11/2015 3:02:07 PM

Submission Comments

Game Info:

Ghostbusters is a very entertaining game. In this game, the player will explore each stage, which contains different boss rooms. After beating a boss, a ghost will appear on the screen, in which you catch into a box trap. One ghost is 1000 dollars. (Maybe it will escape.) After all stages are completed, the final stage will appear on the map. The player should enter that room to beat it. And after completing each level, you will get some money, in which you can buy some items and weapons to help you.
There are 5 levels, in the beginning. After completing them, an earthquake happens. Then the player will enter the final level. Previous bosses are brought back to life and you have to beat them, again. After that, you will meet the final big boss...

Game Objectives:

  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time

Special Thanks:

I choose the same route as nfq's. His first movie helped me a lot about that. And his movie also helped me save many rerecords to test shopping costs.
Hotsam has a very nice boss fight in his movie. I learned from it and improved it by a couple of frames.
I uploaded a WIP yesterday. I should have finished my work yesterday, but I found some improvements in the final level (first boss and second boss). So I redid the final level and finished the movie today...

About the run:

Every level has different numbers of bosses, and 1 big BOSS at the last part in each level. 4 big BOSSES appear in the final level again, with more HP.
  • Enemy eats 1 bullet per frame.
  • Big BOSSES will avoid damage for a little time after receiving damage.
  • 1 bullet is 1 damage, except for the Phaser Shell weapon (Fire gun).
  • Phaser Shell takes 4 damage each time, then avoids taking damage for a little while. 1 bullet in total is allowed on-screen.
So the Phaser Shell can be faster on big BOSS fighting or slower on boss fighting compared with other weapons.
  • On the final BOSS fight, Phaser Shell takes 2 damage each time.
  • Jumping costs several frames, so we avoided unnecessary jumping.

Some improvements not achieved in the movie:

  • In the high-rise building(stage 4), outside of the 1st boss's room, I lose some frames to avoid an enemy. nfq's run doesn't lose time here. I tried to manipulate it with some other controls, but failed.
  • On the final BOSS fight, nfq comes across to the BOSS's right. But when I tried to do it, the BOSS forced me to come back to the left. I've tried many times, but they all failed...

Address list:

00FF040DSignedx position
00FF0D30Signedboss HP stage 1
00FF0C90Signedboss HP stage 1
00FF1079SignedBOSS HP stage 1
00FF0BF0Signedboss HP stage 2
00FF0A0ESignedBOSS HP stage 2
00FF0A60Sienedboss HP stage 3
00FF0A36SignedBOSS HP stage 3
00FF1050Signedboss HP
00FF1000Signedenemy HP
00FF0FB0Signedenemy HP
00FF0F60Signedenemy HP
00FF0F10Signedenemy HP
00FF0EC0Signedenemy HP
00FF0E70Signedenemy HP
00FF0E20Signedenemy HP
00FF0DD0Signedenemy HP
00FF0D80Signedenemy HP
00FF0A38UnSignedBOSS HP stage 4
00FF1020Signedenemy HP stage 5
00FF0AB0Signedboss HP stage 5
00FF1075UnsignedFinal BOSS HP
  • All of them are 1 byte type.
  • Download link here.

Other Comments:

I always play Super Mario Bros. and Contra. I got to know this game due to my cousin, since he has a real Genesis. During the Spring Festival in 2009, we played Contra - Hard Corps for a very long time. Felt boring... So we wanted to play another game. He said he wanted to play a ghost catching game. There are 2 games. One is this game. Its Chinese name is very funny, so we chose this game. During his gameplay, I found that it's so funny. So I remembered it. To be honest, I can't complete this game on a real console. @.*


I think the movie is entertaining. Hope you'll enjoy it.

ars4326: (Made minor grammatical edits in the submission text, for better readability) Claimed for judging!
ars4326: Hello, Soig. This platformer was a fun watch (and not a bad licensed game for Ghostbusters!). The shopping choices appeared to make sense (getting the Phaser Shot and the 3-way), and routing/movement/boss battles were well done, also. Good job on this one!
Accepting for publication to Moons!
feos: Pub.

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