Submission #4803: Akse's DOOM Kama Sutra "Kama Sutra" in 10:56.09

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(Submitted: Doom 2)
Kama Sutra
GLBoom-Plus Beta
* Skill 3 * 1 players
Submitted by Akse on 8/21/2015 11:08:10 AM
Submission Comments
Doom 2 Kamasutra in 9:37.
This TAS was finished in 06 aug 2015.
  • Aims for in-game time instead of real time
    • Contains speed/entertainment trade-offs
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses death to save time
  • Heavy glitch abuse
  • Heavy luck manipulation
  • Unofficial "DLC"
This run uses Skill 4, Ultra-Violence. This is the most common skill level used in the Doom speedrunning and TAS community.

Recorded with

GLBoom-Plus Beta / Doom Replay Editor 2.0 custom & XDRE 2.06

Ksutra wad can be downloaded here - [dead link removed]


1. The original Doom 2 v1.9. Use the following command line: "doom2.exe -file ksutra.wad -playdemo ksdq-937.lmp"
2. Prboom 2.2.3 (or later version): "prboom.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file ksutra.wad -playdemo ksdq-937.lmp"
3. Eternity engine: "Eternity.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file ksutra.wad -playdemo ksdq-937.lmp"

Quick level by level comments

For the sake of saving time and space - monsters were manipulated in every level.

Map 01 - Into the Underground

"Death slide" trick is introduced. After dying player's height is significantly reduced; it allows to "roll" through low-height vertical gaps.

Map 02 - The Hidden Engine

AV jump straight to the exit teleport.

Map 03 - Mr.Adolf Kill You!

RJ and DS tricks were used in a combo to fly over the gap and roll under the bars straight into the exit.

Map 04 - Water Base

DS through the window and straight onto the teleport. RNG is manipulated to receive maximum damage.

Map 05 - Klondike

Specific movement/coordinates allows the player to squeeze through. This is similar to the void glide trick that was used in UD e2m6. Step jump trick is used at the end of this level.

Map 06 - Research Complex

Elevator is used to jump through the window into the final area.

Map 07 - Colosseum

RNG is manipulated to deal good damage. Button is pressed from a specific angle. Cacodemon is tricked to fly onto the teleport in order to prevent cyberdemon's teleportation.

Map 08 - Time Is Tickin' Out

DS straight into the exit.

Map 09 - The Holocaust

Well-performed wallrun trick allows to gain enough speed and simply run over the gap. Player's HP is reduced in order to die with only one av attack in the next level.

Map 10 - To Be or Not To Be...

AV jump + DS straight into the exit.

Map 11 - Execution

Neat'n'quick movements helped a lot in this one.

Map 12 - King Arena

"Thing run" trick is used to reach the final area.

Map 13 - The Holocaust II

AV jump straight to the exit.

Map 14 - Dog Eat Dog

Precise character positioning is needed to run over the gap and reach the final area. It followed by RJ combo: first through the window and second straight to the exit.

Map 15 - Miss Sporty

No tricks here, just neat movements in narrow corridors and usual mob manipulation.

Map 16 - Leeds Castle

Two AV jumps here: the first one to reach the middle section of the level, the second one straight into the exit.

Map 17 - Cyber Machine

Amazing combo here: double rocket boost (one from the boss, another from me) straight into the teleport, another to skip "teleportation stuck", followed by perfect glide with immediate wallrun and final RB at the very end.

Map 18 - The Train Is Approaching

Precise player's positioning is needed to run over the "red gates". The door was opened from above. RB to gain speed and make 12sec possible.

Map 19 - Natural

Precise character's positioning is needed to "step jump" into the window. Then RJ to the final area.

Map 20 - Traps

Two RBs to reach some areas faster. After the second teleportation with certain movement angle the middle part of the level can be reached via sr50 jump trick. "Invulner" is obviously needed for all upcoming tricks. Triple AV jump to jump over the wall. After a short while another one in combination with RB to reach the final area. And two carefully placed RBs more at the very end.

Map 21 - Diablo's Heart

Double AV jump to reach the final area.

Map 22 - Fire Play

Precise positioning of the player allows to: activate the switch through the fence, pick up both yellow and blue keys w/o lowering the pedestals, upon entering the building activate another switch through the floor and push the button (two of them) through the enemy.

Map 23 - A Little Big Massacre

In this map there's a yellow door which leads to the exit. Only one side of this door requires the key to open it; the other one is unlocked. There's also a well-hidden cyberdemon behind it. Carefully aimed ssg shot awakes the cyber and manipulate him to open the door for me.

Map 24 - The Gift From GOTT

This map requires a huge amount of luck manipulation simply to stay alive. AV jump is used to reach the blue key faster. Shooting certain barrels at the very end allows the level to end faster.

Map 25 - Cow Face

ClumsyDoomer did this one. RNG is manipulated to make cyber shoot as soon as possible. The blast, along side with perfect player's position, allows to skip teleportation linedef and exit the level.

Map 26 - Kill Bill

RNG is manipulated to deal good damage and move monsters out of the way. Precise positioning of the player allows jump through the window and reach the final area.

Map 27 - Stairway to Heaven

Neat movements. Precise character's position alongside with "thing slide" trick allows to grab the red key w/o lowering the pedestal.

Map 28 - Hard Target

Two rockets to clear some space in the final area. RB to the teleport, then RJ to the exit.

Map 29 - I'm Just a DOOM Addict

AV jump through the window (ClumsyD helped me a bit with this one) to skip the beginning area. RJ through another window to skip another chunk of the level. Mob in the tunnel were manipulated to move out of the way. Cyber was pushed via the BFG charge to open the final door. The final boss (Romero head) can be reached from a specific position. RNG is manipulated to kill him as fast as possible.

Map 30 - <|>

Two routes here. I chose the right one 'cause it slightly faster. Shooting the barrel awakes the Cyberdemons. Using the BFG and starting to charge it in the previous room prevents this event from happening.
Map 01 - Into the Underground0:29.9725%0%0%
Map 02 - The Hidden Engine0:04.461%0%0%
Map 03 - Mr.Adolf Kill You!0:03.940%0%100%
Map 04 - Water Base0:03.940%0%100%
Map 05 - Klondike0:15.370%33%50%
Map 06 - Research Complex0:07.946%20%0%
Map 07 - Colosseum1:07.9425%5%50%
Map 08 - Time Is Tickin' Out0:05.200%0%100%
Map 09 - The Holocaust0:12.602%0%0%
Map 10 - To Be or Not To Be...0:02.910%0%0%
Map 11 - Execution0:19.602%19%100%
Map 12 - King Arena0:05.776%0%0%
Map 13 - The Holocaust II0:07.460%0%50%
Map 14 - Dog Eat Dog0:07.911%4%100%
Map 15 - Miss Sporty0:43.8020%4%100%
Map 16 - Leeds Castle0:18.805%9%33%
Map 17 - Cyber Machine0:36.975%25%100%
Map 18 - The Train Is Approaching0:12.860%5%0%
Map 19 - Natural0:18.433%28%50%
Map 20 - Traps0:34.9721%20%100%
Map 21 - Diablo's Heart0:13.370%16%50%
Map 22 - Fire Play0:37.5420%40%0%
Map 23 - A Little Big Massacre0:08.661%0%100%
Map 24 - The Gift From GOTT0:34.5734%33%0%
Map 25 - Cow Face0:00.970%12%0%
Map 26 - Kill Bill0:31.8919%40%0%
Map 27 - Stairway to Heaven0:47.9718%27%100%
Map 28 - Hard Target0:08.912%9%0%
Map 29 - I'm Just a DOOM Addict0:37.514%6%100%
Map 30 - <I>0:16.800%14%100%

Truncated: Since no one else has claimed it, I guess I'm judging this too. So: judging!

Truncated: Sorry for taking so long to make a decision.
I have verified that this movie syncs on original Doom, has no illegal input, and that there are no faster movies.
Kama Sutra (and any WAD not released/condoned by iD) are considered hacks/user modified games, and cannot be published in Vault. This movie demonstrates a large amount of rocket boosting, Arch-vile jumping, death slides, and some picking up objects through walls and getting monsters to open locked doors. Perhaps owing to this, it appears to be a popular speed running WAD. On the other hand, the level design is wonky (nukage floors without damage, stacked enemies, no consistent theme, odd music, naked woman, etc.) and votes have been mixed.
This could have gone either way, but in the end I have decided to accept it.
feos: Taking this bastard to the pub.
feos: Movie with extended input Userfiles/Info/68378860645255321
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