Submission #4825: Gay's Arcade Genix Family in 00:15.73

Console Arcade Emulator FBA
Game Version any Frame Count 944
ROM Filename genix Frame Rate 60.00127121337316
Branch Rerecord Count 812
Unknown Authors Gay
Game Genix Family
Submitted by Gay on 9/7/2015 5:10:48 PM

Submission Comments
Here is a tas of Genix Family Arcade. Genix family is similar to Pang.
I started working on it earlier. However, I was stuck at 2000+ frames, when I knew I could get shorter. So I tried again, and I managed to get 1704 frames. I then improve again, it is now 944 frames.
FBA used v.0.0.7. Damage to save time. Used 2 players.
This game allows you to start at any level. Starting at the top level and winning continues to credit and ending so I just went with it. Maybe I make a film at all levels. Even if this one happens publishment.
I would like to see other Tasers try this game. It is fun.

ars4326: Claimed for judging!
ars4326: Replaced movie file. Previous time: 00:28.40 (1704 frames). New time: 00:15.73 (944 frames).
ars4326: Hello again, Gay. First off, good job in shaving the time down on the final level to just over 15 seconds. However, I'm going to go ahead and state that I want to see an 'all levels' run of this made, instead.
Main reason being: While certain runs (e.g. Tetris, Dr. Mario, etc) have began at the last (or hardest) level, they also generally have minimal gameplay differences from the beginning. This game, and its 49 selectable stages, contains enough stage variety to the point where I'm unable to justify the publishing of a single stage run of it, via use on an in-game stage select feature.
Nonetheless, I do look forward to eventually seeing an 'all levels' run from you, Gay. If the final level is any indication, I could imagine such a run being completed by you in less than 15 minutes. Don't get discouraged!
Rejecting due to goal choice (using in-game stage select to access final level).

Last Edited by ars4326 on 9/11/2015 3:59 AM
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