Submission #4832: dekutony's DS Johnny Test in 19:55.68

Console Nintendo DS Emulator DeSmuME 0.9.8 x86
Game Version USA Frame Count 71533
ROM Filename Johnny Test (USA).nds Frame Rate 59.82609828808082
Branch Rerecord Count 5444
Unknown Authors dekutony
Game Johnny Test
Submitted by dekutony on 9/9/2015 11:02:12 PM

Submission Comments
joooooooooooonnnnnnnnnyy teeeeeeeeessst the life of joooooooooohhhhhhhnnnnnneeee teeeeeaaassttttt a boy called johnny teeeessttttttttttttttttttttt johnny is love, johnny is life... and also best anime.
This is a TAS of Johnny Test, a DS game released in 2012 based on the show with the same name. This is a crappy game from a crappy show. The funny thing is that a watched the living crap out of this show in my childhood, and I ended up liking it, even though it's hated everywhere online for a bunch'o reasons.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: DesmuME 0.9.8 32-bit
  • Enable Timing Bus Disabled
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses death to save time
  • Abuses some programming errors
  • Genre: Action
  • Genre: Platform


Overall game

Movement physics

The game plays as it looks. Ultra sloppy, delayed and not very good to control, kinda like some bootleg I TASed a year ago. (its also a 30fps game so minus 20 points for that too.) Jumping is awkward sometimes, you can double jump, but upwards is weird. Reaching some platforms is a pain and solid ground is easy and sometimes not very manuberable. You can also jump in the air, which is intentional and it's very useful. Running is also weird when you get the Speed Boost. The X Speed of Johhny is set, so doing anything complicated won't do a thing to the speed, unless a horizontal moving platform is placed, which is very rare. Turning is slow and slows you down, basically, not good at all.

The doors

Johnny can enter doors with a single up frame input. You can also enter doors under them as well, which is faster in all possible instances. You can also die, enter a door, and get full health back, as a curious glitch thing, not too useful up to Stage 3.

Stage 1 specific

Ground pounds

Exclusive to Stage 1, is the ground pound, which is useful to break boxes and kill the 1st boss much faster than regular jumping.

The Jet Pack

Not used due to requiring a bunch of Power Cells, which sidetrack a lot and wastes a bunch of time.

Stage 2 specific

Tornado Hands

Johnny X can shoot tornados from his hands, which is hip and badass and stuff.

Enemy & boss manipulation

The tornado hands allow you to move enemies and conserve health, it also helps to manipulate some of them in order for them to not attack you. This is very apparent in the second boss.

Magic Carpet Dukey

Basically Johnny's dog that can talk, he lets you go to areas where you can't reach... well, its required to use him so...

Backside Fire Blast

srsly dats hows called im not makin dis up

Stage 3 specific

Shootin' Pew Pew

Press A to shoot. This is useful to kill enemies faster than jumping. It's also useful to avoid taking damage.


Slide like MegaMan??? NO. It controls nothing like that. You can start the stage with sliding which is faster than just start running. You can also slide-jump, which lets you jump higher than usual, and lets you skip few sections faster.

Super Soaker

it requires like 50 power cells stop asking

Stage by stage comments

Stage 1

Normal Johnny


You start walking. The run really starts when you get the very first Power Cell lol. Breaking boxes fast with ground pounds was a pain at the start tho.


Using the lower path is faster than the upper route. This is the first instance when you can see the door mechanics in action.


There was a platform I couldn't reach outside, and reaching the one inside was a pain... A REAL PAIN. It is very precise, so a bunch of tries were attempted until I finnally got it.


Falling a lot and precise jumping to a small platform. Now Wacko, he's a piece of cake, and can be killed faster with ground pounds. He has 10 health, normal jumps to 1 or 2, when ground pounds do 3 or 4. YOu cannot attack any boss when they're on a force field, just to take note on that.

Stage 2

Johnny X


For those asking, those ice blocks can't be broken... period. Ok you can, but you need like 15 Power Cells or something, but that's much slower for that reason alone. I don't use Dukey here because it's like 50 frames slower in this case.


Unfortunately, I couldn't make some jumps I wanted since they're very far, but at least the snowballs didn't kill me.


Sliding would've been so useful hereeeee... X_x

2-4/Brain Freezer

No the big platform is required to reach the door shut up. No not the blue one either (sliding really needed to be a thing in this stage...). This stage is like a maze of sorts. The GIANT Snowball takes like 4 HP. Stomping on enemies gained my enough height to reach platforms and avoid waiting.
Now Brain Freezer. He has the same patterns, but his timing is different. I'm able to manipulate him (ref. tornado hands) to attack early and thus, hitting him early. Since I don't have ground pounds anymore he takes longer to kill. Moving him also benefits because on the 2nd pattern, I can actually hit him, unlike not moving him.

Stage 3

Johnny ripping off a certain blue bomber


2 slide skips were implemented here, one with that green/blueish section, where I just simply jump over, to the section with the platform moving upwards, i ignore it and I jump until the platform lets me jump over it.


A maze where its not really hard, just going to room #2 and slide a lot, nothing too special... except when I die and I magically revive next door.


Here, I carefully take control of my health, to of course, not die. Those big robots take half of my health, which is something I do NOT want. Even though I intentionally take health and die at few blocks from the goal... but I beat the stage anyway, which is very funny.

3-4/Bling Bling Boy

gaem ends here... do same stuff as the rest of stage 3, until the final boss. Bling Bling is such a bastard, killing him takes a LONG time. Shooting him is the fastest thing to do (y no ground pounds T_T). You can actually make him miss every move he has, which is very beneficial, also you can shoot directly at him at a precise spot where you can be in the same platform as him. He tries to bring some robots with him, but I ain't letting him do that. Then, when he dies, I almost die, and beat the game.

Other comments

Known Improvements

  • On the first stage, you can jump instantly and save 2 frames. Special thanks to Gay for that improvement.
  • RAM Addresses are useful... but I couldn't find any useful ones... they change constantly each room, making a search really REALLY frustrating. I'm still relatively not experienced enough to detaildly analize RAM or use Cheat Engine.

Suggested Screenshot

Special thanks

  • To Gay, Samsara, CoolKirby, Patashu, NitroGenesis, Spikestuff, arandomgameTASer, Raelcun and jlun2 for posting in the thread.
  • To Johnny Test, for my childhood memories, and then realizing that he sucks... (except for maybe his sisters.......) * repeated whip sound *
  • To DeSmuME, for not desyncing this time.
  • And YOU, 4 watching.

ars4326: Claimed for judging!
ars4326: Replaced movie file, due to unintended input (reset). No changes to original file, otherwise.
ars4326: Hello again, dekutony. Much better quality work, this time around! For the most part, this was a briskly paced platformer with good movement optimization and level routing, throughout. The boss fights had some nice sequences included as well, which helped in maintaining interest. Voter feedback was strong for this submission, also. All in all, good job!
Accepting for publication to Moons!
fsvgm777: Processing.

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