Submission #483: Phil, Genisto's FDS Super Mario Bros 2 "Luigi version" in 08:29.82

Famicom Disk System
(Submitted: Super Mario Bros 2)
Luigi version
FCEU 0.98.12
Super Mario Bros. 2 (J).fds
Submitted by Phil on 12/25/2004 5:21:35 PM
Submission Comments
Well here is SMB2j played with the doped, punked, green haired called Luigi.
It's true that he can jump higher than Mario but due to side effects of drugs that caused him some lung problems, he can't run as fast as Mario and he has some trouble to brake as quickly as Mario due to being mentally slow. In other words, it's pointless playing with him.
Anyway, if it was played with Mario, I think it will be 3 seconds ahead Bisqwit by using some shortcuts but instead, it seems to be 9 seconds slower. I am somewhat disappointed about how the programmers have made bullshit with this character.
Btw, the left+right boost isn't working as well as the reverse jump boost(Pom's discovery in SMB1).
At least, since it's pretty well played and show some great skill and glitches, it is supposed to pleased you eyes ;).
Shortcuts used.
  • Passed through walls instead of waiting.
  • Doesn't wait in the water section at 8-4 by letting the screen to stop scrolling. That makes Luigi to pass.
  • At stage 5-1, had rebounded on Koopa Troopa to makes Luigi fall on the ceiling instead of using the wall jump tricks.
Last Edited by Bisqwit on 12/25/2004 5:21 PM
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