Submission #4840: arandomgameTASer's Genesis Demolition Man in 09:26.28

Console Sega Genesis Emulator
Game Version unknown Frame Count 33933
ROM Filename Demolition Man (W) [!] Frame Rate 59.922751013550524
Branch Rerecord Count 11246
Unknown Authors arandomgameTASer
Game Demolition Man
Submitted by arandomgameTASer on 9/13/2015 10:16:10 PM

Submission Comments
A game based on...sylvester the cat or something idk. Some generic ass 90's movie. Surprisingly, the game doesn't suck.
In arandomgameTASer's quest to conquer all of TASvideos, he has branched out to doing Genesis games. Well, ONE Genesis game. Still counts.
This is an improvement of about 2 minutes and 8 seconds over the old TAS of this game found over here:



There are two types of jumps, one medium one and a far one. The far one makes you move very fast, so it's always used. It can't be used to jump over tall enemies though, so shooting is required.

Ladder Climbing

Pressing down every other frame makes you go up ladders super fast. It's handy. Can also be used for overhead climbing, only you just need to stop and start moving to skip parts of his animation.

Level notes

Level 1

Basic stuff, not much of note aside from getting to the end.

Level 2

Overhead view, very laggy. I kill as many enemies as I can without deviating from an optimal path.

Level 3

Boy, don't you just love levels that are so dark you can't see 'em? So much fun.

Level 4

Climbing and lag. My favorite.

Level 5

A train! You're supposed to be ducking down into the compartments occasionally, but this is a TAS so screw that.

Level 6

Same as the last overhead stage, only no boss. The end is particularly bullshit because those yellow lasers can kill you in one hit.

Level 7

I honestly have no idea how you're supposed to play this level normally, but hey whatever. I land to the left of the end because it won't trigger unless you're a bit away, for some reason.

Level 8

Ruinss!!! I take damage near the end to skip grabbing a ledge.

Level 9

Pipes and crap. One and only use of the roll ability.

Level 10

Manipulated some freeze tanks from an enemy that was nearby, so I could kill the boss faster.


myself, because I'm amazing. Also anyone in the IRC.

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