A Boy and His Blob

  • Boy,Blob,Rescue,Princess Blobette
  • Puzzle
  • RPG


A Boy and His Blob: The Rescue of Princess Blobette is a sequel to the NES game with equally silly title. This time, the boy and his obedient friend save a princess, who is caged in a castle tower. The rescue operation is supposedly executed as efficiently as possible, even though it means that the boy needs to sacrifice one of his lives just to save some time.
The baseline tab shows the default movie beating the game as fast as possible without any special conditions.

Game Versions

TypeNameTitle OverrideRegionVersionPlatformHashes
Good David Crane's The Rescue of Princess Blobette (USA).gb U 1.0 GB SHA1: 0a45d1b98646fd7832b5119b04bc8d6d6d0f657a
MD5: 81f7dee7546e630de075a3397349efb8