Submission #4888: Fortranm's DS Chrono Trigger in 6:16:21.87

Nintendo DS
DeSmuME 0.9.9
3055 - Chrono Trigger (U)(XenoPhobia).nds
Submitted by Fortranm on 10/21/2015 6:26:26 AM
Submission Comments
  • Genre:RPG
  • DeSmuME 0.9.9, Advanced Bug-Level Timing: on
This version of CT is probably the best one for a almost glitchless run, since most of the glitches from SNES ans PSX versions are gone.
So I made one.
The run aims at defeating Dream Devourer, the new super-boss in CTDS, and achieve Dream's Epilogue ending. The arena duplication glitch seems hard to be manipulated and will break the pace of the run so I avoided the Arena as a whole.
Grinding is inevitable in a glitchless CT run. I decided to do all the Lost Sanctum sidequests to power up the team before facing Lavos. This might not be the fastest way, and unfortunately, it didn't go as well as I expected because I still had to grind inside the Lost Sanctum. However, I think it's worthy to showcase this new content of the DS version since it's not in Saturn's 100% run. Maybe I should name this run DS%?
The whole movie in 16 parts:
Part 6 - the antagonist of Middle Ages:
Part 7 - the antagonist of Prehistory:
Part 13 - the antagonists of the week:
Details about the run and the possible branch coming later. It's gonna take a while to list all the notes and known/possible improvements.

ars4326: Judging!
ars4326: Hello, Fortranm. First off, congrats and respect to you for completing a run of this sheer length. From someone who has also made a number of multi-hour RPG runs, I know how time-consuming making them can be.
Now on to defining this run: From reading your submission notes and comments in the thread, I see that you've pretty much defined this branch as a 'Dream Devourer any %' (that is, reach and defeat Dream Devourer in the fastest time). I also saw where you stated that you also included the DS-exclusive Lost Sanctum dungeons as a speed-entertainment tradeoff. In addition, you mentioned that this run is "almost glitchless" (that is, you used one glitch to overflow Dream Devourer's HP, but forewent another one that allowed unlimited duplications of stat-boosting tabs).
So here's where that information sums up, in terms of branch details:
  • Aims to defeat Dream Devourer in the fastest time (any %) (second quest/Post game-completion, if you want to get technical).
  • Contains speed/entertainment tradeoffs (completing the Lost Sanctum sidequests)
  • Foregoes time-saving glitches (forewent the Arena duplication glitch)
Now here's where I need to be firm here: Your first goal is contradicted by your second goal.
In total, completing the Lost Sanctum took over 1 hour and 55 minutes to finish, or close to 1/3rd of the TAS. This is, obviously, quite significant for a movie with a running time of over 6 hours. I also have be rather forward in stating that I didn't find this extra content sufficiently entertaining enough to justify including as a (major) speed tradeoff. Furthermore, you also mentioned in the thread that you went ahead and obtained the best DS-exclusive equipment, despite this also not saving any time.
Now as for your third goal, it is of my opinion that a run which included the Arena duplication glitch would be more suited here toward the showcasing of DS-exclusive content. Reason being: It would actually save time (which you admitted in the thread) by being able to quickly power-up everyone's stats. This would also be markedly different from the SNES ports by showing off something which is exclusive to the DS. By applying this suggestion and foregoing the Lost Sanctum sidequests instead, you could very well have a run which would be half the length which it is, now.
So all in all Fortranm, I am going to reject this run due to the arbitrary nature of it. I truly hope that this does not discourage you from going back to it and giving it a second pass through, and refining the 'any%' category.
Rejecting due to goal choice (arbitrary; needs to be further narrowed down and refined).
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