Submission #492: Walker Boh's NES Legacy of the Wizard in 21:02.63

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version USA Frame Count 75758
ROM Filename Legacy of the Wizard (U).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 4962
Unknown Authors Walker Boh
Game Legacy of the Wizard
Submitted by Walker Boh on 1/2/2005 11:39:49 PM

Submission Comments
Legacy of the Wizard time! (submitted properly now)
Some words of the game maybe..
You play as this family who must retrieve four crowns in order to obtain the dragon slayer (a sword) and then kill that evil dragon. Each family member has it's own area in this huge game and they can use different items. This opens up for some route planning since they sort of must complete their own area.
I started with Xemn's area to obtain items for the the girl (Lynn). After this I did Pochi's area to get the money bag in the end of it to be able to buy wing boots later on.
After this I choosed to do Lynn's area because I thought it would be less repetetive since I have to pass through here later in the search for the sword.
Last I did mothers area.
Some words of the run.
This is my second attempt and it is 8 minutes faster than my previous run. This was possible because I got great help and suggestions from Brose and Ferret Warlord.
Now I was able to skip most of Lynn's area due to a shortcut involving climbing a sphinx. This saved me minutes.
I found some new shortcuts in Xemn's area aswell and that saved some time.
Hmm. This game is hard to time attack since you need items of all sort all the time. You need keys to open doors, money to buy things and/or stay at Inns to refill magic and energy. You also need magic to be able to do anything at all in this game. The best item of them all is the speed scroll which let's you move through the dungeon at an incredible speed. You can get a couple of speed scrolls at the time to increase your speed.
This leads me to the hardest part of the game. The randomness and luck manipulation. It's HARD to get what you want from enemies all the time. This is because they are nearly impossible to manipulate and also whenever you are running low on something, say magic, they will only drop magic refills and nothing else.
This caused me some headache when I was forced to play large areas a couple of times.
Hmm, I tried to get as many speed scrolls as possible to keep speed up. This might look a bit weird since I from time to time grab a new scroll almost every screen. This is because their duration isn't very long and if I would have skipped one I most probably wouldn't have gotten another one before the effect runs out. I tried this a couple of times to avoid stopping but it was pretty useless since the randomness didn't allow me to get more of them later on, so I stopped a few times to grab a new to make the duration last longer.
I wasn't able to get that many speed scrolls with Pochi and Lynn (yes I tried!) but it doesn't really matter, it's pretty fluent anyways. Atleast I think so.
Lastly about the items. I end the game with one key left. This is because I needed other items than keys but if I would have skipped to pick up a key all enemies would refused to drop anything else. So I had to have one key left.
Hmm. Next thing should be some words about my run I think..
First: If you fall (and that depends with the characters) wou will eventually crash and bounce, if the fall is high enough. This takes some time but is really not avoidable. I tried to minimize this but sometimes I just have to crash.
Second: In mothers area I have to shoot away blocks sometimes. When I do this I cannot use any other item, so I have to wait for them to stop before I can proceed.
Third: I have to use Inns sometimes. This is because I cannot change items without staying at Inns and also they refill my magic and energy.
Now I can't think of anything else to write.
  • As fast as possible
  • Manipulates luck
  • Takes damage to save time
  • FCEu used
  • Thanks to Brose and Ferret Warlord for great help and suggestions (again)!
/Walker Boh

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