Submission #4934: DwainiumB's Lynx Batman Returns in 07:17.84

Console Atari Lynx Emulator Bizhawk 1.11.3
Game Version unknown Frame Count 26226
ROM Filename Batman Returns (USA, Europe).lnx Frame Rate 59.89817311
Branch Rerecord Count 16234
Unknown Authors DwainiumB
Game Batman Returns
Submitted by DwainiumB on 12/12/2015 4:45:57 AM

Submission Comments
Returns is a Atari Lynx game.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk 1.11.3
  • Confuse Penguins


I recently submitted a pacifist run of this game but I didn't know pacifist runs have to be of Moon Quality so here we are.

Level 1

Same as the previous run, for some reason, I couldn't seem to find any improvements in this level, time I tried to redo a section I ended up being slower.

Level 2

Time gained in this level comes from killing the guys with shotguns because getting hit by the pellets stop you from progressing temporarily.

Level 3

This level was sort of hit and miss as I believe how you kill enemies throughout the level determine how the penguins spawn at the end. I redid this a few times just because I kept losing time.

Level 4

(This applies for all levels) Based on user input, enemies will decide whether or not to attack you or they will change their attack sequence. More time gained comes from collecting more acid bottles from the previous levels, these deal quite a lot of damage so I used them wisely and saved them from the final boss fight as they allow me to destroy Penguin in an even faster matter.

Other comments

Actually, you can choose a screenshot.

Samsara: I am darkness. I am the night. I'll judge Batman.
Samsara: After defeating The Penguin, Batman placed down his Atari(tm) Lynx(tm) and sighed deeply. Throughout his entire journey, he had always just wanted to be called Jumpman, but learned early on that the name was copyright a plumber in Italy... And he wasn't even using it! Someday, Batman would have his vengeance. He pulled out a small list, a Batlist if you will, with an even smaller Batpen to write on it. The economy had really gone to hell.
PE(batman symbol)PLE 2 N(batman symbol)T KILL BUT HARM GR8LY
  • that one guy what murdered my parents
  • robin
  • who directed batman and robin again? idk. fine, george clooney

Sorry, what was I talking about? Oh, right. This is a very smooth run, if a bit jumpy at times, and the lack of pacifism makes it look a lot better overall. Having spoken to the author about both this run and the pacifist run, I've concluded that quite a bit of effort was put into the making of this run to make sure it was actually faster: There were some RNG issues involved with killing enemies at first, but it definitely seems like those were overcome.
Based on the feedback of this run and the pacifist run, I'm accepting this to Vault so that someone can break out of Arkham Asylum and steal it from the Vault. Wait, what?
fsvgm777: But will someone send it to the Moon if it gets stolen? Find out in the next episode of Batman: The TAS Series!
..wait, what?
..either way, processing.

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