Submission #4945: arandomgameTASer's DS Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions "all items" in 34:20.91

Console Nintendo DS Emulator DeSmuME_0.9.9_x86
Game Version USA Frame Count 123296
ROM Filename 5204 Spider-Man - Shattered Dimensions (US)(M2).nds Frame Rate 59.82609828808082
Branch all items Rerecord Count 36982
Unknown Authors arandomgameTASer
Game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
Submitted by arandomgameTASer on 12/21/2015 10:43:06 PM

Submission Comments
(mo this description isn't a lazy edit of the any% one. Shut up.)
  • Bus-Level Timing on
  • Dynamic Recomplier off
Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions is a metroidvania Spiderman game. So in other words, it's not crap. It's similar in vein to the DS version of Web of Shadows, which is sort of crap, and coincidentally Daniel X, as they all run on the same engine. It also got a sequel, but that is so godforsakenly horrible I shall not speak more of it.
This run completes the game with all items collected. This is vastly different from 100%, which would require hunting down a bunch of soulless achievements. One of those achievements requires killing 750 enemies, so you can see why I only did 'all items'.

General control/move notes

- The A Button while jumping is used for 'fast' web zips, which is incredibly useful in tight corridors. Whenever there's no walls, however, a down-left or down-right zip across the floor is used. Down-right/left zips can also be used in combat as an attack.
- Whenever Spidey falls a long distance, he will enter a 'roll' state that can be jumped out of. This can be used to retain speed from web zips.
- The B button is for jumping, but also for 'slow' web swinging. I say slow because in open spaces with high ceilings it's usually faster. Can also be used as an attack in combat.
-Power Punch is activated by holding down Y for a bit. You can control how strong it is by letting go of Y at specific points. I use this at the start of nearly every fight.
-Enemy Kick-Off lets you kick off an enemy with B while in the air. Useful for forcing enemies to the ground so the next round can start earlier.
-Back Kick is activated by pressing Y in the opposite direction Spidey is facing. It's about half as powerful as a fully charged Power Punch.
-Mid-Air Snare lets Spidey do an air combo when pressing A. Useful occasionally.
-Jackhammer Stomp lets Spidey kick down like a rabbit for multiple hits. Extremely powerful later in the run.
-Winged Assault is an extremely powerful ability that lets Spidey essentially charge in the air. It can be used to cancel web swings, and it's extremely fast. However, it only works when you have Glide. Used extensively when I get it.
-Scissor Kick is basically the ground version of Jackhammer Stomp. Used a few times.
-Spiral Bomb is down zipping.....only it isn't. Never used.
- Drill Kick is kind of an uncancelable version of Scissor Kick that forces you through enemies. Used once.
- Spider Dash is incredibly easy to lose. Except for the final escape where you can fall whenever you want, you can very easily cancel it by falling too far. This made it extremely complicated to retain in, particular in sections with tight corridors.

General route notes

-Keeping a boss off the ground prevents them from recovering, so you can just keep juggling them forever.
-The first Mysterio fight ends when he raises the tablet to defend himself, which happens when he's low on HP.
-The Mysterio tablet minigames are stupid, and there's a lot of them. Sorry.
-Noir (1920's spiderman) has the ability to detect hidden switches. Sweet.
-2099 (future spidey) doesn't get web swinging until after Vulture.
-I collect some specific upgrades in order to reduce backtracking later, in particular utilizing a web swing in order to grab a damage upgrade early.
-Using a very specific web zip allows me to skip the electric barrier before Electro, allowing me to fight him early. This is extremely important, as it not only grants me Speed Booster, but also allows me to do the next Noir and 2099 sections only once. Think it saves upwards of 4 minutes,
-I have to wait before going to the power...squares in the Tinkerer fight because he'll actually avoid activating them if you get too close.
-What a pansy Calypso is.
-Noir doesn't have access to wall grip until the dimensional power conduit, which meant backtracking to grab things I missed.
-Silvermane is also a pansy.
-I could have gotten Winged Assault from the dimensional conduit so Spidey could complete the rest of the level early, except that's actually slower by about 2 seconds due to the route you have to take involving more vents and climbing. Which is why I grab it last.
-I used a different strategy on Super Mysterio that lets me hit him with a power punch before stunning him.
-Final escape is cool.
Any questions just let me know.


Samsara, Spikestuff, xy2, among others on the irc.

Samsara: Judging.
Samsara: Accepting to Moons as a new branch for this game.
Regarding the current discussion about a "proper" 100% run: I believe it would require a lot of repetition and grinding due to some of the awards being locked to specific modes/playthroughs, meaning the game has to be beaten multiple times, not to mention some of the grinding required for things like 750 enemies defeated, 250 enemies disarmed, et cetera. I don't think it'd make a particularly fun run to watch for the 2-3 hour running time I'm estimating, as opposed to this, which is more entertaining than the already pretty damn great any% run even though there's 8 more minutes.
feos: Pub.

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