Submission #5014: aleckermit, Beccachu's N64 Pokémon Stadium "Gym Leader Castle" in 1:08:56.78

Nintendo 64
Gym Leader Castle
BizHawk 1.11.4
(Additionally: Beccachu)
Pokemon Stadium (USA).n64
Submitted by alec_kermit on 2/9/2016 4:12:34 AM
Submission Comments
This is a TAS of Pokemon Stadium's Gym Leader Castle with the intent to complete it as fast as possible, without any compromises. While you might assume this would be as simple as just using a Pokemon with a OHKO move such as Horn Drill for every fight, you would be wrong as there is a bit more to the formula than that. My girlfriend and I put a lot of thought and planning into choosing our team and choosing which moves to use and when, as well as luck-manipulating each opponent's team choice to avoid unfavorable matchups. We also had to manipulate crits and damage ranges very often. In the end, we OHKO'd every single opponent Pokemon and attacked first against every Pokemon except for one (see possible improvements).
Our team of 6 changed a few times in planning but we ended up with the follwing Pokemon:
Diglett: It has a speed stat of 123 which outspeeds the majority of opponent Pokemon and it has Fissure, a OHKO ground move, as well as rock slide to take out some of the weaker flyers. He is the fastest rental Pokemon with a OHKO move.
Ponyta: 118 speed with Horn Drill, which is a normal type OHKO move. She can cover some fights that Diglett can't, and allows us another option when the opponent's team selection RNG cannot be dealt with (the Pokemon the player chooses effects the opponent's choices to an extent).
Jynx: 123 speed and 123 special with STAB Psychic and STAB Ice Punch. She's a great coverage tool and Ice Punch is a very fast move.
Starmie: 143 speed, 128 special with Thunder and STAB Bubblebeam. Another great coverage tool.
Jolteon: 158 speed, the second highest in the game, and 138 special with STAB Thunder. He's used against fast foes, and tanky flying and water types.
And last is Tauros: 138 speed and 129 attack with the move Strength. He has one main task: to sweep offensive electric teams, specifically Lieutenant Surge's team that always makes use of a surfing Raichu which cannot be outsped + OHKO'd by any other Pokemon on our team. Tauros can just BARELY OHKO Lt. Surge's Raichu but he's the best Pokemon for the job because Aerodactyl and Persian waste time each attack due to recoil damage from Take Down and Double-Edge.
Beyond picking a team with excellent coverage for outspeeding and OHKO'ing almost every opponent, we also looked at each individual move we'd be using and compared their animation lengths to find out which moves to use the most often when possible. Jynx's Ice Punch ends up being the fastest by a good margian which is convenient considering the amount of flying, grass, and ground types that are found in Gym Leader Castle. The two OHKO moves are both very fast as well luckily. Also, different Pokemon perform the same move at different speeds, for example Starmie performs Thunder 10 frames faster than Jolteon, so we used Starmie over Jolteon when we didn't need the extra speed and power that Jolteon offers.
That's about all that needs to be said about the run, we hope you enjoy seeing how fast this mode of the game can be completed with perfect luck manipulation and a lot of planning.

Possible improvements:
Every Pokemon in the game has a unique entrance animation once it comes out of its Poke ball (as well as fainting animation), and each animation has a different length. You could save a decent amount of time (in terms of TAS timesaving) by logging every entrance/fainting animation length and, when possible, manipulate the enemy's teams to use their faster animated Pokemon. We hadn't thought of this until midway through the TAS, and we did find out the entrance animations of our own Pokemon and made Pokemon choices based on them, but it can already be quite difficult just to manipulate the opponent to send out the Pokemon you need to face much less manipulate the faster entering/fainting Pokemon to appear as well.
The only Pokemon that we did not outspeed + OHKO in the entire TAS was Giovani's Persian which has 144 speed. The only rentals that can outpeed it are Alakazam, Electrode, Jolteon, Aerodactyl, and Dugtrio and we're not sure if any of them have moves that could OHKO Persian AND OHKO the other ground Pokemon that Giovanni would also have while saving time over simply absorbing a hit and retaliating with a crit OHKO. If one of these Pokemon can do it then you'd substitute it in for Ponyta who is the least valuable teammate.

GoddessMaria: Judging~
GoddessMaria: Alright, firstly hello and welcome to TASVideos, Beccachu! Now about this TAS... very impressive luck manipulation from you two! This movie is very solid on the technical side. Entertainment wise, however, it does lose its charm the longer it goes on. Optimization is on point, for the most part. Despite the issue with Persian as well as animations, it doesn't hold down the run so much that it shows.
Accepting for Vault.
Spikestuff: Publishing. Dropping. I'm spent from doing this, it's taking too long, and it's a pain to do.
Next Publisher, for the love of your sanity, the game runs at 30fps not 60.
These are the differences (and similarities) between Jabo and Glide64mk2, there is no one good option.
You want to disable; Hi-res framebuffer and Fast CRC, this will correct a few issues with the Glide plugin.
Sorry for the drop, but this is what I could do for the next publisher.
Fog: Yoink!
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