Submission #5015: BrunoVisnadi's NES Adventures of Lolo 2 "Pro Levels" in 02:01.47

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.2.2
Game Version USA Frame Count 7300
ROM Filename Adventures of Lolo 2 (USA).nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Pro Levels Rerecord Count 1134
Unknown Authors BrunoVisnadi
Game Adventures of Lolo 2
Submitted by BrunoVisnadi on 2/9/2016 5:51:43 PM

Submission Comments
This is a improvement of 103 frames over the previous movie!

Stage by stage comments

Stage 1

After dying, the pink enemy respawn in a certain position. If there is a box in that position, he will spawn somewhere else. As in the previous run, I used 4 boxes to block all the positions he would try to spawn before trying right above the gray enemy, so that it blocks its shot. By setting up the boxes in a better way before going up, it took less time to fix their positions when going back down, so 67 frames were saved.

Stage 2

This stage is a mess. Via better optimization, killing enemies in a better order and apparently a better lag reduction, I could save 24 frames.

Stage 3

I saved 1 frame when writing PROC. Instead of going left from the 'O' to the 'C', I move the selector up so that it loops to the 'END', and then I moved it down again and it looped to the 'C'. In the actual stage, no frames were saved.

Stage 4

I tried a lot to find a better route for this level, but it seems there is no other way. There're many routes that are even 100 frames faster until half of the stage, but in the end it's just impossible to avoid death. I saved 1 frame in the ending with better optimization, though.
And thanks to Alyosha and Baxter for the previous run, of course :)

Nach: Nice improvement, accepting.

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