Submission #5115: xy2_'s Arcade Osman "maximum score, deathless" in 09:33.18

System Arcade Emulator FBA-rr 0.0.7
Game Version Unknown Rom Frame Count 34391
ROM Filename Frame Rate 60
Branch maximum score, deathless Rerecord Count 51668
Unknown Authors xy2_
Game Osman
Submitted by xy2_ on 5/12/2016 6:24:53 PM

Submission Comments
9680, 10604, 12108, 16301, 22420

Samsara: samsara = judge
sorry amateur judge, 96 decisions :c
Samsara: Lovely run, enjoyed watching it immensely.
There's some talk in the thread about how publishable the run really is, and after mulling it over for a bit this is probably the closest the game can get to 100%. Even then, the run's received very good feedback, and as such it is still publishable in its own right. Deathless is a good modifier to prevent looping stages for extra points, it makes the run feel more fluid and more superhuman as a result.
Due to the great audience feedback, I'm accepting this to Moons as a new category. Looking forward to a potential any% improvement as well!
feos: k

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