Submission #512: Walker_Boh's NES Castlevania II: Simon's Quest in 34:11.98

Nintendo Entertainment System
(Submitted: Castlevania II - Simon's Quest)
FCEU 0.98.12
Castlevania II - Simon's Quest(U).nes
Submitted by Walker_Boh on 1/23/2005 12:17:31 AM
Submission Comments
Castlevania time!
I decided to try to improve my previous run after some great criticism. That resulted in a pretty big improvement.
This game has one of the coolest glitches I have seen, falling through floors! Unfortunately it's the hardest one I have tried to perform.
To perform it you need to find a ledge which is exactly 2 blocks higher than the ledge/ground/whatever under you. Then walk off the ledge and hit air with the whip just as you start to fall. If done correctly you will fall through the floor! However, there are a few things which makes this glitch ultra-hard to perform.
  • First: Simon (the hero) can be in 2 shapes when he starts to fall. Either he can stand tall and fall OR he can sort of crouch just when you crack your whip. He MUST be in this crouching form to be able to fall through the floor.
  • Second: It either works or does not work. This is good to know when trying to perform the glitch. If you are in crouching form and doesn't fall through, do something different and try again. Like tossing a bottle or hit air with your whip.
Due to this it's incredible hard to perform the glitch when you want too.
Ok, so for the run. The time cut off from my previous version comes from when I'm indoors. That is in Mansions, houses and the last castle (Castlevania).
I can't improve anything outdoors because this game has a cool feature which is that it changes from day and night. When it's night the towns are "closed" and thus you must wait for daylight to be able to talk to persons you need. So the only time I can actually improve movement forward outdoors is after I have gotten the red crystal. I managed to do this and the result was that I entered Castlevania with 2 minutes of game clock until daybreak! ;D One "missed" jump would have caused me to see the annoying dialog.
Hmm, next thing that might look weird, because I want to complete Mansions as fast as possible, is that I kill a whole lot of enemies in there. This is mainly because of one reason: lag.
I've tried to not kill a whole bunch of enemies everywhere but with the result they caused lag so I didn't earn any time by that. Thus I kill, for example, the gargoyle in Mansion 3 on my way up.
Also, the Deborah cliff glitch is NOT used because I concider that to be another part of the game. A warping part that is. Besides I have not yet managed to perform it. I will do some more trying though.
Oh, in Mansion 3, it's not a glitch to walk through the wall. It's a fake wall there because it's sort of a dead end.
Oh, yet another thing, big thanks to Bisqwit this time who helped me out with comments and some trying during the run. Thanks!
Lastly, in Castlevania, after my first fall-through-floor I don't do it directly after I've landed. I found this impossible to do and after a 1000's tries I skipped it. This is because of the unknown factor that doesn't allow you to fall through floors sometimes.
I think that was it.
  • As fast as possible
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Does not use warps
  • Abusing programming errors
Enjoy it!
/Walker Boh
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