Submission #5134: aleckermit's GC 007: Agent Under Fire "00 Agent" in 36:50.07

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Nintendo GameCube
00 Agent
Dolphin 4.0-8246
007 - Agent Under Fire (USA) (v1.00)
Submitted by alec_kermit on 6/8/2016 9:06:39 AM
Submission Comments
This TAS of 007: Agent Under Fire aims to beat the game in the fastest possible time (in-game-time and real-time-attack) from a fresh file using the hardest difficulty, 00 Agent. 00 Agent's lack of auto-aim, the appearance of less in-game hint cutscenes, and higher level scores (thus more Gold Reward upgrades) make it the fastest difficulty to TAS on for both IGT and RTA timing standards.
Personal Credentials/Quality Assurance
  • I've been speedrunning this game since May of 2011 and currently hold its Operative Segmented, Operative RTA, and 00 Agent RTA World Records
  • TASing this game has been a goal of mine for years, as you will find in this site's forums
  • This TAS took six months from start to finish, not including planning and previous failed attempts at TASing it (Dolphin syncing issues)
  • This TAS beats my 2011 segmented run, which I worked on for nearly a year and a half, by more than four minutes
Playback & Encoding Info
  • The game's ISO is version 1.00
  • Uses Dolphin version 4.0-8246
  • Memory card slots are set to "Nothing"
  • Disable dual-core speedup and idle skipping in config tab. Check the JIT Recompiler box
  • Audio should be set to DSP LLE Recompiler
  • The game's FMVs display properly on Linux and/or by using OpenGL
Basic Info & Mechanics
  • Strafing does not give a boost in speed in this game like it does in many other Bond titles so I use the scheme I'm most comfortable with, control setup 3
  • Running along walls with the correct angle gives a small boost in speed
  • In the v1.00 Gamecube version of the game explosions, helicopter bullets, and turret bullets give knockback that can be boosted off of
  • Bunny hopping can be used the retain a speed
  • Stairs and slopes reduce Bond's speed
  • The only level I wasn't able to unlock a gold reward for was level 11, which gives regenerative health, and is not useful in level 12
Commentated video of the TAS that goes over practically every timesaver in detail:
Preferred thumbnail image: Input frame 113223
Enjoy, and if you have any questions ask below.

Fog: Judging.
Fog: Not judging.
Samsara: Oh boy, Gamecube, my favorite system to judge.
Samsara: Great run and commentary. Accepting to Moons.
Fog: Processing.
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