Submission #5179: Bernka's Wii Muramasa: The Demon Blade "Kisuke" in 1:03:49.17

Console Nintendo Wii Emulator Dolphin 4.0-6502
Game Version JPN Frame Count 229750
ROM Filename RSFJ99_OBORO MURAMASA (J).iso Frame Rate 60
Branch Kisuke Rerecord Count 29754
Unknown Authors Bernka
Game Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Submitted by Bernka on 7/22/2016 8:28:54 AM

Submission Comments


Game objectives

  • Character Used: Kisuke(鬼助)
  • Emulator used: Dolphin 4.0-6502
  • Starts from a saved state or SRAM (.dtm or savedata)
  • Uses hardest difficulty(死狂/shigurui)
  • Manipulates luck

Emulator settings

  • Dual core off
  • Idle skipping off
  • DSP LLE recompiler
  • Standard gamecube controller in port 1, no other controllers/wiimotes connected.


Before The bossAct 1Act 2Act 3Act 4Act 5Act 6Act 7Final Act
Main attack1719282836454559
Acquisition location of the ornament
  • 天狗の面: 美濃
  • 空蝉の籠手: boss stage in 大和


Before the boss:

In this game, encounter enemy is all random, so I try not to fight as far as possible by control the RNG. If you must fight with the enemy, you need use smoke bomb to escape.(except the ninja in the prologue because you can’t get any smoke bomb).

Fighting skill of boss

Bosses have two HP bars, one is orange (short), and the other one is red (long). The orange bar can be reduced by 10~40% (round 10 numbers) a time only when red bar is empty, then the red bar will recover. The more time you use, the more orange bar will be reduced one time. Depending on the blade you use, you can reduce 10% one time in a short time. If you want to reduce 20%~40%, you have to wait some time. So choose a true time to reduce over the red HP is very important. Decrement of orange bar:
DecrementDepend on
Red barDamage of blade
10%Reduce the red HP in a short time
20%Using time
30%Using time
40%Using time
It’s important for save time to reduce the first and the last red HP in a short time and a good blade. By research of the RTA video and my test, defeat one boss must use one minute at least because you have to waste your time to get a high decrement. (except the boss without HP bar) 白菜鍋 can increase 15 strength in 60 sec. But when you fight a boss you must wait at least 1 min to reach the last red HP so it’s useless(except the boss without HP bar).


Mainly depends on the long blade. Although it’s little slowly to move then blade but it has higher ATK than other same level of blade and it has a higher combo damage. However, blade will be better if you need move a long distance or fighting to an eutrapelia boss.

BUG skill:

  • inherit ATK: when you enter the boss gate, your blade will change to the first place, if you change blade to second or third place, after that, your first blade’s ATK will become to the blade you were using before boss fight. It can increase a blade’s ATK and high damage when boss fight.
  • pass through: only can be used in some certain stage. First you need encounter enemy, and when you touch the floor of upper layer, change your blade, you can reach the upper. It can save not much time here.

Level system

The enemy’s level depending on your level, but the higher level blade you want to use, the higher level you need. When you encounter the enemy, flying eyes is the most useful. It can get more souls, but have no money. If you want to get new blade, you need some souls and spirit. Spirit can be getting on the way and It does not affect the probability of random encounters.
Before fighting to boss, I will try to get a higher level for the highest ATK blade, or the encounter enemy time will be waste. If you really cannot get the new blade, do not fight to enemy before boss.


Ornament is also an important equipment. It can increase the strength and vitality which means you can use a better blade faster. Only increase both strength and vitality can get a better effect because both of them affect your damage.
  • There is no definitive data about the affection of strength and vitality.

Spirit and souls

Both of them is the prerequisite to get a new blade. Spirit can only get by eating food. In my movie, I use my money buy some stuff and eat on my way to boss to get Spirit. Souls can get on the way, but it’s too few. The other way is killing enemies. This way can get more souls but also need more time. I have to make sure how can I get a new blade so that I can save some times. In my movie, I mainly kill flying eyes, mainly use Iaido cut. it can recover easily.


Act 1

As the beginning of the game and the easiest one stage, the all we need just run for our life and the fastest record. The stage has two fights can’t escape, one is samurai, and the other is ninja. In the stage we cannot get smoke bomb, so we should fight in normal way. Iaido cut play an important role because it can kick the entire enemy and have a high damage. In some place, we can go to the next area without defeat the enemy, use dash + attack+ dash can move in a quick speed. Because in the beginning of dash, we can have a fastest speed, then when the speed down, attack can cancel the part of the slow side.
Boss: use inherit ATK bug can save the change blade time. Use the third blade which is the most has the highest ATK and the time adjust to defeat boss in a short time. I use 1min 14sec.

Act 2

Do not save after Act 1. We just need visit it as a bookmark to make sure in the future we can go back to use item. Then after a screen we can buy the charge mixture of 白菜鍋 , which can increase your ATK in 1min, mainly use for the boss which haven’t HP bar. On my way to boss, I fight three times with flying eyes for the level and souls. Because of that, I can equip a new blade with higher ATK. I also get a smoke bomb on the way, so that I can escape the ninja in the boss stage. Boss: eat the 白菜鍋, use the new blade, do not need wait time so I can use the Iaido cut and three of them cut can kill them fast. Just need 33sec.
  • RTAer’s best time is 40sec which try thousand’s time. TAS is really incredible!

Act 3

Back to the save point by using bronze mirror, walk aside we can find a hamal. We can use it to to skip some area and save much time. Because of the effect of the rest of 白菜鍋, we can kill some enemy in one Iaido cut. In this act, I set the bookmark in 尾張. This is an important place because it’s the most efficient way to move until act 5. When we arrive at the 美濃, we can buy many smoke bomb X9, 般若湯X7, and bronze mirror X4. On the way, we can eat 般若湯 to earn vitality. In the next screen’s branch, we can get the 天狗の面, which is an important stuff to help me equip the upper blade. In the boss stage we must fight with a couple of enemy, use smoke bomb to escape. Boss: we have enough level and 天狗の面 to equip a good blade, and use inherit ATK bug. At the beginning, boss will run away. We need use blade, catch behind her. When she is daze, change the long blade use the best combo to hit her. However, rebound boss’ arrow can give boss a considerable damage. Using time: 1min 14sec.

Act 4

Back to the save point, turn to the Act 4. Because of we have enough level and souls, So I just run. In the boss stage we fight with flying eyes because we need save smoke bomb, otherwise it’s not enough. Boss: For change blade we don’t need enough level and souls. So we should fight with old one. Boss is very quick so we need use blade. This fight is a little special. We need reduce the orange bar by 10% 20% 10% 30% 30%, on the red HP bar, it will stepped on the banana skin and fall down, there are also many bombs can be rebounded to give she a huge damage. Thanks to that, it only takes 1min11sec.

Act 5

Just like the act 3, we need use the hamal to save much time. On the way we can find a smoke bomb. In this act, there is only one fight which I can’t avoid. There is also one place that if you don’t fight for long time so you can’t avoid. In the boss stage we can use the pass through bug. By this bug, Kisuke just can save a little time, but Monohime can save about 1min. We can also find 空蝉の籠手(strength +4). Boss: this time I can use a new blade, strength+1, which has no obvious change. In the last red HP bar, manipulate it to release small spiders, so it can stand on the floor for more long time so that I can get more souls and money. It takes 1min 13sec.

Act 6

Go back to 尾張 so that we can save a lot of time. There have many area that we should draw but needn’t to fight. When you enter that area, jump like the Mario, cancel the draw action when you crouch. It can save the draw time, but must keep jumping all the area. I don’t need set the save point because when I defeat the boss will send to the save point. On the stage we can find 修羅の面(strength+3 vitality+3), but It need waste a long time and have no help for me so I don’t get it. In this stage, encounter enemy rate is high, so we need many smoke bomb. Boss: for the help of 伊賀守金道 we can get a new blade. Boss is slow and stupid, just ride on him and kick his head, easy one. It take 1min 16sec.


According to the story, I back to the save point automatic, it’s also the best beginning, and for that we save one bronze mirror. Because of I almost use up all the smoke bombs in Act 6, so I spend all money to buy smoke bomb, other stuffs are useless. More and more approach to the end, the encounter enemy rate higher. For solve that, we must buy more smoke bomb. On the way, we can activate the last save point. So, go for the boss fight. Boss: because of the lack of the souls and level, we can’t get new blade. This boss is so stupid that you jump over his eyes, he will stand here and just waiting to die. Otherwise, stand in the certain place will not be attacked; it’s easy to manipulate decrement also. But if you want fight in a normal way, you will feel really suffer. It takes 1min14sec.

Final Act

We will up 2level after last boss fight, and I have enough souls. I already get ready for the final boss. Use the last bronze mirror back to the save point and beginning the final journey. In this stage, the encounter enemy rate is very high, thanks to smoke bombs, I just like flying in the sky. Boss: before the boss I just left the last smoke bomb, don’t forget eat 般若湯 to add vitality. Then, we can get the final blade. Because the last blade and天狗の面, we can equip the blade without any ornament. But for a higher ATK, I also need equip空蝉の籠手. Boss has two forms. The first one is easy because will get hit stun when he is beaten. When I fight the second form should depend on secret art of blade to let the boss stun in his final red HP bar. Then kill him as fast as you wish. It totally takes 2min31sec.


The main reference video: help me a lot.

Nach: Good audience response, nice run, accepting as new branch for this game.
RGamma Fog: Publishing...

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