Submission #5208: arandomgameTASer's PSX Spider-Man 2: Enter: Electro in 22:14.93

Console Sony PlayStation Emulator Bizhawk 1.11.6
Game Version USA v1.1 Frame Count 79152
ROM Filename Spider-Man 2 - Enter - Electro (USA).bin Frame Rate 59.94005994005994
Branch Rerecord Count 28694
Unknown Authors arandomgameTASer
Game Spider-Man 2: Enter: Electro
Submitted by arandomgameTASer on 8/28/2016 11:29:21 PM

Submission Comments
It's Spider-Man......2!! This is what I consider the first 'meh' 3D Spidey game, since it didn't really fix any of the original game's problems or do anything very original. Still, in a TAS setting this game is quite a bit better due to the lack of autoscrollers or forced waiting times, making the game pure optimization.
Enter Electro revolves around Spidey trying to chase down the source of some high-end robberies, which is eventually revealed to be Electro trying to assemble a Bio-Nexus Device in order to become invincible. That's about it, really.
(Of note is the encode I'm providing lacks cutscenes because they were messing up the aspect ratio every time they showed up. Not like you're missing much, every cutscene lasts like 3 seconds before they're skipped.)
  • Takes damage to save time, yo.
  • Out of bound clips
There are two versions of the game that can be TASed, the rare pre-9/11 version, and the more common post one. This run is done on the post one, as it fixes some lag issues that plagued the original. Besides that they're exactly the same.



While Spider-Man 2 barely fixed the controls, it did modify a few things.
  • The Web Dome zip no longer works.
  • Web balls can now be used in the air.
  • Spidey's kicks have been buffed to a ridiculous degree, to the point that it makes Web Gloves completely worthless.
  • Spidey's costume actually looks good this time around. Very important.

Web Swinging

Web swinging is garbage in this game, as you have zero control over where Spidey wants to swing to. The way it work is that Spidey will swing to whatever object he's currently being moved towards, which can cause his web swings to vary wildly as a result. For an example, when over a pit he will commonly swing at an upwards angle, when close enough to a building to swing there in one swing he'll do one low fast swing, and so on. Getting optimal swinging angles was extremely difficult as a result.
Another aspect of web swinging is a 'web zip', which is where Spidey shoots a line forwards and launches to that point. It requires Spidey to be touching the ground and be a decent distance from a wall, which makes it pretty worthless outdoors, but amazing in tight corridors.

Web Abilities

Spidey has five different web abilities.
The first is just a plain old web line
The second is web gloves, which gives Spidey a boost in strength for 2.6 combos (it runs out on the final hit of the second combo). Never used.
The third is Impact Webs, which lets Spidey shoot a ball of web at an enemy. It's quite similar to normal webbing, except it deals damage and also takes time to reach its target. Used constantly to speed up killing enemies and bosses.
The fourth is the Web Dome, which protects Spidey in a dome of webbing that explodes after a certain amount of time or when a button is pressed. Never used.
Finally, there's the web yank, which...yanks an opponent. Used once when required to beat Hammerhead.


This game DOES technically use analog control, but the game is more designed around using the directional keys. Plus, Bizhawk's PSX virtual pad is completely broken for this game so it's a moot point.
The fastest form of movement is to web swing and web zip, but Spidey does have a variety of other ways to move around, including kicking enemies and jumping. All of these get application in some way or another.

Level by Level comments

1. Enter the Web-Head

A supposed tutorial level where Spidey is following Beast. It's filler.

2. Burglary Interrupted

The first real level. The goal is to stop a bunch of crimes being committed by the world's largest amounts of twins. Web ball jumps are extremely useful to kill most enemies here, since they're pansies.

3. Rooftops By Night

Another outdoors level where Spidey is chasing after a motorcycle I guess. Towards the end of the stage you have to disable a few turrets to progress, which is made extremely easy thanks to the brokeness that is aerial web balls.

4. Stop the Bomb!

A clip in the door lets me skip most of the level, simple enough. Swinging into the bank while it's closing is technically slower, but darn it it's too good to not keep (Time loss of about 8-10 frames).

5. Warehouse 66

Spidey wants to interrogate some thugs, so he decides to beat a ton of them up. Lots of zipping and web balls ensue. The last thug spawns based on where Spidey is standing.

6. Spidey vs. Shocker

Yank Shocker down, yank a barrel on him, and then kick him. Good game design guys.

7. Smoke Screen

The gimmick of this level is you have to track down four thugs with keys in a small sandbox. By far the most annoying level to TAS due to how freaking dark they made everything.

8. Hanger 18

This level is supposed to be a stealth mission where you disable all of the turrets before proceeding to inside the hanger, but you can just swing around spewing web balls and you're fine.

9. Wind Tunnel

The goal in this level is to web up the plane's fans so it comes to a stop. Thanks to some fortunate positioning, it's possible to do this extremely early if you're fast enough, and by fast enough I mean with 6 frames to spare.

10. To Catch a Thief

Another outdoors level, what a trend this is. Nothing very noteworthy here.

11. In Darkest Nights

Here you have to flip some switches to open a train door to progress. I didn't mention this before, but if Spidey's webbing gets too low he becomes unable to use any web abilities besides swinging, so here is when I start going a tad out of my way to pick up cartridges.

12. Heart of Darkness

A kinda precise clip is used here to skip the entire level.

13. Catch That Train

Here you have to catch up to a train to catch the dude on the motorcycle. Sandman creates three sand walls to stop you, which you can destroy with the local machinery.

14. Gangland

A hostage level, huh? That's new. All you have to do here is touch the hostages and they're good I guess.

15. Spidey vs. Hammerhead

Yank his gun away and then hit him till he dies. RTA usually two cycles him, but it's just barely possible to one cycle him in a TAS.

16. Spidey in the Machine

A very precise door clip is used partway through the level to skip the rest of it.

17. Mission: Spidey

Most of this level can be skipped via a very precise door clip, but it's ridiculously precise getting them to work. Took about a week and a camera angle watch to beat this level.

18. The Corkscrew

Flip switches and go up, the level.

19. Spidey vs. The Lizard

The Lizard can only be hurt via an antidote formula, so that's what I use. He has HP gates so three cycles is the fastest he can die.

20. The Gauntlet

Here you have to destroy some lasers, this time by hitting their kill switches I guess.

21. Spidey vs. Sandman Again

Sandman can only be hurt while he's wet. RTA usually two cycles him, but it's just barely possible by a matter of like 2 frames or so to one cycle him.

22. Konichi-wa, Spider-san

You have to throw samurai parts to destroy the generator blocking the way to Electro. In this level is the elusive Shock Webbing, which lets me take out every samurai in one hit, which for some reason RTA doesn't use. Lots of enemy manipulation here.

23. Spidey vs. Venom Again!

Same as last time, only we have Mary Jane complaining about drowning or whatever. What a drama queen.

24. Rock of Age

Zip up.

25. Spidey vs. Electro

Electro will counterattack with an electric ball attack every time he is hit, which is pretty easy to dodge if you're fast enough. Not much else to say, these bosses suck.

26. The Best Laid Plans

You need to destroy the electric tower in order to stop Electro from constantly regaining his HP. A two cycle is the fastest you can beat due to some more HP gates.
Final input is skipping the Thor newspaper clipping which isn't in my encode because aspect ratios. Sorry.


Q: How long did this take you, 3 days? klappa
A: Almost three months this time.
Q: What difficulty is this on.
A: Easy Mode. Hard makes rescuing hostages annoying and gives you way less webbing, so a TAS of it would suck.
Q: Do it again on Hard Mode!!
A: no
Q: Why was this game made?
A: idk


Thanks to the people who showed interest in this project but I'm too lazy to list here because that would require pursuing the forum. You know who you are.

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