Submission #5213: arandomgameTASer, Samsara, Noxxa's NES Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse "Grant path, warp glitch" in 15:22.01

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator Bizhawk 1.11.7
Game Version USA Frame Count 55412
ROM Filename Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse (USA).nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Grant path, warp glitch Rerecord Count 16234
Unknown Authors arandomgameTASer, Samsara, Noxxa
Game Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
Submitted by arandomgameTASer on 9/4/2016 2:49:57 AM

Submission Comments
Oh hey look it's Devil's Castle Dracula 3. It was the last Vaniacastle game on the NES, and it's subjectively the best one. It's also a broken mess.
This run is an improvement of 47669 frames over scrimpeh's old run completely due to a glitch in level 4 that lets you skip directly to the final level.
  • Takes damage to save time, sometimes.
  • Uses stairs to walk to Dracula
This run is done on the US version, as this glitch causes the game to crash on the japanese version. Also Noxxa did the inputs for the last phase of Dracula because I got annoyed so he gets credit too.


Subweapon Cancelling

Like the japanese version, you can cancel animations for subweapons. The only way this is done in the run is by activating a subweapon the frame before a character lands from a jump.

Crouch Cancelling

By attacking a certain frame before you land from a long fall, you can completely skip the crouching animation associated with it, which saves some time.

Stair Displacement

The big one. By swapping from Trevor to Grant right before you enter the next screen on some stairs, you'll displace Grant from the stairs and allow him to climb in the air. This glitch is used in level 4 to skip directly to the final level.


Q: Why do you do such weird stuff out of bounds.
A: Positioning stuff to get to the right room. If I didn't do what I did I would have missed it.
Q: Where are Grant's throwing knives?
A: The English version nerfed Grant so his knives are now just a dagger that he can stab with. Yes, it sucks.
Q: What difficulty is this on.
A: English.
Q: I hate the english version do this again on the japanese version with higher quality music?!
A: Glitch don't work on the japanese version so no.
Q: What's next?
A: An old project needs fixing.

Samsara Buttin' In

Hi there. It's me, your buddy Samsara. After arandomgameTASer redid earlier parts of the run, I stepped in and redid the 2nd and 3rd phases of Dracula. So don't feel weird that my name is now there. Okay bye.


Thanks to scrimpeh for his fantastic Grant run, it was used as a guideline for the first few levels. Also thanks to the RTA runners of this game for discovering a large scale application of the stair glitch.

Suggested Screenshot

GoddessMaria: Judging!
Samsara: Setting to "delayed", pending an improved file.
Samsara: File replaced with a 971 frame improvement. Resetting to New as well.
GoddessMaria: Re-judging...
GoddessMaria: Alright. Since this is using a glitch to reach the Final Stage early on, it shall now be treated as a separate category from the published movie featuring Grant instead of an improvement. This movie overall was very entertaining to the audience and this also does really exceptionally well in the technical department. Very nice work from the three authors!
Accepting as a new category for Moons.
feos: Pub.

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